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A customer holds up an Apple iPhone 5 to pose for a photo during an exclusive sale.
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If you recently purchased Apple's latest creation the iPhone 5, then, naturally, you want your phone to standout against the millions of others who have made the same purchase. This list is comprised of some of the coolest iPhone 5 cases around. Each listing includes each case's description and price.

1. Belkin's Ease-fit Armband

This case is more for physically active iPhone 5 users. While you're working out, put the phone inside of the case and strap it to your arm. It keeps the gadget safe and sweat-free, while at the same time allowing you to still use it's controls. It's light and form-fitting.

Price: $19.99. Available at

Ease-Fit Armband for iPhone 5
Ease-Fit Armband for iPhone 5

2. FlipWallet

Cygnett's FlipWallet doubles as an actual wallet. Your phone on one side, credit card slots in the middle and a pocket in the back for cash. The tri-fold wallet includes a screen protector for the phone's display. It fits easily in your pocket.

Price. $39.99. Available at Cygnette.

FlipWallet from Cygnett
FlipWallet from Cygnett

3. Keyboard Buddy

If the iPhone 5's touch screen feature is too complicated for you, then the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy is the way to go. This case contains a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that allows you to manually type instead of pressing the screen. The metallic-shelled case includes an on-board battery, chargeable by micro-USB cable, with up to two weeks-worth of charge duration. The case is a little pricey, but well-worth the money if you hate using touch screen.

Price. $89.95. Available at

Keyboard Buddy from Boxwave
Keyboard Buddy from Boxwave

4. Glow-in-the-dark skins

SlickWraps offers these futuristic cases that you'll never lose in the dark.

Slickwraps photo luminescent material will glow for up to 8 hours and take just minutes to recharge. The skins are custom designed to fit like a glove, even covering the sides of your iPhone. So if you are worried about scratches, don't. The skins install "effortlessly" with "zero bubbles" and can be "easily readjusted, removed, and reuse without leaving any residue.

Price: 24.95. Available at Slickwraps. (To View Picture, click on link; photo unavailable for display)

5. Zagg visibleSHIELD

All of Zagg's invisibleSHIELD cases are made with high-end military-grade patented material. iPhone 5 Cases says the cases are made using the same material the military uses to protect helicopter blades from damage. The nano-tech memory technology the case contains makes it scratch-proof and self-healing. Zagg offers cases for every occasion-there is the original invisbleSHIELD case, the Hi-Def case, smudge-proof and the EXTREME, which is said to be nearly indestructible. It's shock resistant and has break protection. All the cases are fairly priced for the protection they provide.

Price: From $14.99 to $29.99. Available at

visibleShield from Zagg
visibleShield from Zagg

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