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Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws warm-up passes before their NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Denver (Photo : Reuters)

Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos are determined to win another game tonight against the Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.

It's week two of the NFL's 94th season and both teams were victorious in their first week. Manning is coming from last Sunday's performance that earned him praise and trust from many Denver fans following his first game as quarterback for the Broncos in a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers (31-19).

For Ryan, they enter tonight's game following a 40-24 win against the Kansas City Chiefs which saw the Falcons quarterback hit three touchdowns.

For reporter Ian Rappaport, tonight's game should catch people's attention.

He wrote, "Suddenly, this game features two of the NFL's most intriguing offenses. We knew Denver would be hard to stop, but who guessed Manning would arrive at his familiar place in the game this quickly? Who knew the no-huddle would look so similar, despite the unfamiliar, orange uniform? On the other hand, who knew the Falcons would look so electric against Kansas City? Remember, this is the same team that didn't score a single offensive point against the Giants in an ugly playoff loss last January. On Monday night, it'll be a fireworks display."

A fan poll on predicts the Broncos will win the game, but not by much: 28-25.

What are others predicting?'s Albert Breer is also predicting a close game with 34-31, in favor of the Broncos. Breer added that tonight's game will be a "Fantastic matchup."

Sports Central's Jeffrey Boswell predicts the Broncos will win "in a shootout" 38-34.

The Bleacher Report's Timothy Rapp goes against the previous predictions but follows the close game trend, with 27-23 in favor of Ryan and the Falcons.

The Broncos visit the Falcons at 8:30 p.m. EDT on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

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