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(Photo: Mexican Federal Police)

Mexico's Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB) reported on Wednesday, Feb. 5 that Federal Police units arrested Jesús Sánchez Huerta, also known as "Chucho el Descuartizador" ("Chucho the Ripper"), an alleged member of the "Knights Templar" Cartel in Michoacán, whose job was to dismember and get rid of the bodies of the victims of the criminal organization.

The arrest took place on Feb. 3, while Sánchez Huerta was walking on the streets of the municipality of Apatzingán. Federal policemen began to corner him, and by the time Sánchez realized what was happening, he fired his gun twice against the policemen as he tried to escape; however, he was captured minutes later, according to EFE.

Once he was captured, four bags with methamphetamines were found on him, along with a 9mm pistol of Egyptian origin and a magazine. When making his statement to authorities, he confessed to his participation in various homicides, with one of the cases being related to six bodies placed next to a monument to General Lázaro Cárdenas in 2011.

Likewise, SEGOB highlighted the capture of weapons, ammunition and vehicles belonging to the same cartel in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, after a firefight between Federal Forces and individuals carrying rifles as they travelled on various trucks on the Lombardía-Cuatro Caminos highway, according to Noticias MVS.

The capture of "Chucho the Ripper" is joined by the capture of two "Templar" leaders and the 128 hitmen authorities have arrested since the government decided to strengthen security operations in Michoacán, detailed Mexican newspaper Milenio.

It's worth noting that the state of Michoacán is the background for multiple disputes between rival drug cartels. Faced with violence, self-defense groups called "Autodefensas" appeared, which have the purpose of protecting citizens from executions, kidnappings, extortions, and raping the "Knights Templar" carried out in the region.

In recent weeks, the autodefensas signed an agreement with the government that legalized such organizations, and handed over their weapons to register them and were integrated into Rural Defense Corps. under the supervision of the Mexican Army.

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