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Jennifer Lawrence is again making headlines, not only for winning Best Supporting Actress award at the Golden Globes, but also for what she wore and did during the awards night.

A report from TMZ alleges that the 'American Hustle' star was hungover during the Golden Globes. This, considering her pretty sane acceptance speech and calm demeanor, proved she's a "GREAT actress," the site said. Perhaps that Taylor Swift videobomb was a teeny hint that the beautiful 23-year-old is indeed up to something.

However, that's not the bit of Jennifer Lawrence news that's doing the rounds in media land nowadays. The bigger newsmaker was the DRESS she wore at this year's Golden Globes.

Yes, her white, pleated Dior frock accented with 2 simple black belt-like features.

Was it because the star suffered a wardrobe malfunction? Was it because she tripped in it again?

No and no. Although some may allege the choice of dress is a "malfunction" in itself, considering the actress' usually tasteful clothing choices.

It was the seeming ordinariness of her outfit, which seemed too pale in the light of it's wearer's award-winning achievements, that caught the attention of Twittersphere.

Hours after the awards ceremony ended, photos of various Twitter users, even celebrities, parodying her dress emerged. And it appears there will be more to come. Jen, are you laughing at all of them?

Actor Colton Haynes' take on J-Law's "puffy" outfit was one of the most notable parodies because he also mimicked the "outrageous expression" she gave when she sneaked up behind Taylor during that infamous Golden Globes videobomb, the Daily Mail noted.

He and other Twitter users, such as @LanaDelRny and @SkarSkarSkar, wore white sheets and comforters tied up with 2 black ribbons in a bid to duplicate Jennifer's look, with hilarious results.

However, a notable common denominator of these funny parodies is that there was still a sense of respect for the actress. They only poked fun at the her dress and didn't take a jab at the 'Hunger Games' star. The captions ranged from "Get that J.Law look" to "#Golden Globes were a blast."

Got your own version of Jen's Dior dress? Let us know!

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