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(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/ DANIEL OGREN)

After numerous nude photos of himself leaked online, Dylan Sprouse is ready to tune his focus to his fans. According to, he recently reached out to the sister of a cancer patient who happened to be one of his and his brother's biggest fans.

In his Tumblr, Dylan linked a blog entry to a photo from when he and his brother, Cole, were younger. The young woman who reached out to him wrote:

"This poster hangs on my brothers wall. He is only 12 years old and has been battling cancer since he was 4...My brother got sick again and when he found out he got really scared that he might die and he went to his room and started crying...I promised him if he wins this I will bring Cole and Dylan Sprouse to meet him. You should have seen his smile guys, it was amazing. He must be their number one fan."

It was later revealed by the author that her brother will be going to England for treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. Her mother has tried contacting the Sprouse twins through their official website, but she also decided to do her part and wrote the post hoping that the Sprouse twins would be able to respond.

The post now has over 63,000 likes and reblogs, and notably, Dylan himself has also responded to the post. His personal note read:

"Happy Holidays! We wish your brother and you the best. We are rarely in London, but if you come stateside, we will make a point to see visit you to accomplish this fantastic wish. You will both make it through, not a doubt in my mind. In frith (sic), Dylan and Cole (the Grinch) Sprouse."

This act of kindness could just be what his fans and even detractors are waiting for from the former child star.

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