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The iOS 7 mobile operating system on Apple's iPad mini tablets. (Photo : Apple)

Apple's latest mobile operating system's adoption rate might outpace iOS 6 in North America based on new data.

(Photo Credit: Chitika).
(Photo Credit: Chitika).

According to Chitika, the usage rate for iOS 7 has hit 74.1 percent across Canada and the United States. The percentage for iOS 7 is an increase from the 51 percent it accounted for one week after Apple launched the new mobile platform on Sept. 18.

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In comparison to Apple's previous mobile operating system, iOS 6 hit 83 percent in six months after its September 2012 release. iOS 7 may be on pace to beat iOS 6's adoption rate.

Chitika's latest data — collected between Oct. 25 and Nov. 18 — has iOS 6 at 22.4 percent of the iPhone iOS version distribution.

Meanwhile, people are still utilizing iOS 5, which accounted for 0.9 percent of the distribution rate.

When it comes to Apple's tablets, iOS 7 represented 63.8 percent of the mobile operating systems. iOS 6 accounted for 24.6 percent while iOS 5 garnered for 8.8 percent.

"The latest analysis again underscores that iPhone users, and iPad users to a lesser extent, update at extremely high rates, acting as a distinctive selling point when it comes to attracting application and mobile Web developers to the platform," noted Chitika. "While still-active legacy devices make it unlikely for iOS 7 adoption to substantially surpass the nearly 90 [percent] adoption rate of iOS 6, the latest operating system will likely reach that point in a much quicker timeframe than its forerunner."

Apple launched iOS 7 worldwide on Sept. 18.


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