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On the next episode of FX's "Sons of Anarchy," titled "Huang Wu," Jax looks to push the club forward but the Irish try to throw him off track by placing another obstacle in his way.

Tara Knowles will also feel the repercussions of lying about being pregnant and setting up Jax's mother as the murderer of their fake unborn daughter. Tara, Jax's wife, made Jax look like a fool by letting him cry over the death of an unborn baby that never existed. Jax's short fuse was recently highlighted when he put a bullet in head of their transvestite friend's mother. Now, the question remains whether he will do the same to Tara.

Viewers left Tara last week sitting and holding Thomas along with a gun on her lap, as she apparently waited for Jax to return home after he discovers her dirty secret, reports the Examiner.

Viewers may be wondering if Tara will die during the upcoming episode, however, the show created revealed to Matt Carter on Nov. 10 that the new photos released for Tuesday night's episode are actually "very deceptive."

While some fans may think that Tara deserves to die for her deception, others have complained that Jax should pay for cheating on her with a prostitute. However, TV Line's Ausiello assures fans that Jax will be held accountable in due time.

"All that stuff comes into play," confirms series creator Kurt Sutter. "At the end of the day it's adultery, and is adultery OK? No. Would this [information] land well with Tara? Obviously not."

Jax's fling with Colette crystallized the "double standard" that says "It's OK for men to do this," writes Ausiello.

"She's an older woman who has this maternal quality; there was an emotional connection that he had for her - probably more than a sexual one. Not that that makes it OK, but his needs are not just carnal at this point. There's something missing from [Jax and Tara's] relationship, and that began to play out."

Remember to watch the new episode on Tuesday, November 12 at 10 p.m. on FX. Get a sneak peek below.

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