By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Oct 15, 2013 07:42 PM EDT

Bomer as Christian Grey in the upcoming "50 Shades of Grey" film? (Photo : Flickr)

Oh Charlie. Why’d you have to go and make everyone’s lives so difficult? At first, outraged fans lashed out at the “50 Shades of Grey” team when you signed up to play Christian Grey, but as the dust settled, they warmed up to you. In fact, they began to obsess over you. You were the one. You were the answer to all our problems, the end of an agonizing era filled with wild speculations and desperate aspirations. You won the battle, but apparently you lost the war. You’re no longer our Christian Grey. Why?

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"Charlie Hunnam was never going to do Fifty Shades of Grey," one source close to the production told US Magazine. "He told his agents from the beginning he didn't want to do it and was going to pull out.”

Another source close to Hunnam, however, claims his exit is "truly due to scheduling. The role of Christian Grey requires a massive time commitment, a trilogy role in which Charlie and his team were originally very aware of from the start and a major consideration in his hesitancy for taking the role. Charlie is the lead in a massive TV series and his loyalty will always be to Sons of Anarchy, the SOA family and fans."

"Charlie is very true to his craft and something like the media circus is not going to deter him from taking a role,” the source added. “That said, The project wasn't appearing to shape up as expected. There is no bad blood… While this was a tough decision, it was the right decision and he's happy he made it.”

So please, tell us Charlie, who will be taking your spot? Please don’t tell us that the casting mayhem start back at square one. It would be disastrous. It could be the end of humanity as we know it.

Luckily, fans will have their new Mr. Grey within a couple weeks. Producers are eager not to fall behind on their production schedule and have plenty of potential candidate from which to choose. Fans have expressed their adoring and persistent interest in actors such as Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer. Easy fix. What do you think?

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