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The heat is on as Emily deals with the reappearance of Aiden on the next episode of "Revenge." His reemergence could also make some waves in her and her fiancee Daniel's relationship. 

A new character named Jenny, played by Annabelle Stephenson, may also cause some relationship trouble. Although it is not confirmed that she will be a love interest for Daniel (Joshua Bowman), showrunner Sunil Nayar shared some hints about her character to TVLine

"She's a scrappy character," explained Nayar of Jenny. "She's more from the world of Jack than she is from the world of the Hamptons. She becomes a bit of a rival for Emily in a really fun way." 

On the series' latest episode, Aiden (Barry Sloane) promised to exact his revenge. Aiden said he wants to ruin the "girl next door." Nayar told TVLine that Aiden is not bluffing about his nefarious agenda, as viewers learned this past episode. "He will state at the beginning of Episode 2 exactly what his opinions are about Emily," Nayar said. 

Nayar also said that although "there are definitely sparks" between Barry Sloane and Madeline Stowe's Victoria, "That's not exactly the road we're taking them down." On the latest episode, Victoria was skeptical about Aiden's true motives. "She really wants him to prove his fidelity," Nayar explained, "because what a great ally he would be. They're both trying to feel each other out. It's fun to watch two people start to dance when neither one knows who's leading and neither one trusts their partner."

As for Victoria and Aiden's plan, Nayar said, "You will see a delicious relationship between him and Victoria in the first few episodes. Our goal was to define him better and he's very much his own man with his own agenda that we'll reveal as the season goes on. He's the holder of many secrets, but nobody knows his ultimate secrets, so he's the man of mystery."  

On the show's latest episode, titled "Sin," Aiden teams up with Victoria to proceed to take down Emily (Emily VanCamp). Aiden breaks into Emily's house to find proof of her secrets, but he can't find the infinity box (it's with Nolan (Gabriel Mann) for the time being). Aiden takes the only thing he can find: the deed to Nolan's house with Emily's name on it, which proves that the two are conspiring together. Aiden takes the proof to Victoria. 

A priest named Paul Whitley (James LeGros) shows up in town, who was a partner of Conrad's (Henry Czerny) who helped take down David Clarke. After the scandal, Paul became a priest to atone for his sins. Later in the episode, Emily aims to take down Father Paul by dropping blackmail into the donation bowl at one of his church services. Yet, after talking to Paul and realizing that he is truly contrite, Emily starts to rethink her revenge plan. But it's too late; Paul is fired. Emily then realizes that by saving Father Paul, she can use him to convince Conrad to confess to everything. 

Meanwhile, Victoria introduces her estranged son, Patrick (Justin Hartley) to the family, which doesn't go very smoothly. At the introduction dinner, Emily is also able to poison Conrad again without anyone noticing. 

The next episode, "Confession," will feature Emily getting a shock when Victoria shows up to a party with Aiden on her arm. Due to that development, Victoria is forced to tell Daniel about the timeline of Emily and Aiden's relationship. Conrad will also decide to come clean, which Victoria is dead set against. 

TVLine released a sneak preview of the scene in which Victoria brings Aiden to the party, to the surprised chagrin of Emily and Daniel. A war of words begins between Emily and Aiden, and Victoria gives Daniel doubts about his relationship with Emily. Watch it here

Watch the promo for "Confession" below, which will air Sunday on ABC at 9 p.m.


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