First Posted: Sep 06, 2013 12:08 PM EDT

Telemundo's hit Telenovela "Marido en Alquiler" is a major component of the network's prime time lineup. While the novela takes place in the United States, it actually originated in Brazil.

The original telenovela's title was "Fina Estampa" and it aired in Brazil from August 22, 2011 through March 23, 2012. The novela featured 185 episodes and was written by Aguinaldo Silva and presented on the network Rede Globo. Rede Globo is actually collaborating on the new version "Marido en Alquiler."

The telenovela tells the story of a hardworking female handyman who faces the hardships of poverty until she wins the lottery. From there she is faced with the life-altering changes brought about by her new fortune and the new relationships she encounters along the way.

The Brazilian version featured Lilia Cabral as the protagonist Griselda with Dalton Vigh as the male protagonist Rene and Christiane Torloni as the female antagonist Tereza Cristina. Sonia Smith has taken over the role of Griselda while Juan Soler is bringing Reynaldo to life in the Telemundo version of the telenovela. Furthermore, Colombian actress Maritza Rodriguez is currently the antagonist Teresa Cristina.


The Brazilian telenovela was not only a massive hit with audiences, but also managed to pick up a plethora of awards along the way.

Cabral picked up a number of awards for best actress from the Trofeu Imprensa, Melhores do Ano, and Premio Contigo! De TV. Marcelo Serrado was also give accolades for his supporting role of Crodoaldo Valério.

Remakes of telenovelas is a common occurrence in the industry, but Brazilian recreations in the United States are more of a rarity. In 2010, Telemundo debuted a remake of the hit Brazilian series El Clon with Mexican actors Sandra Echeverria and Mauricio Ochmann.

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