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Brennan (Emily Deschanel, R) and Booth (David Boreanaz, L) investigate the murder of a state department accountant, whose remains were found in a hotel air conditioning unit in the "The Secrets in the Proposal" season premiere episode of BONES airing Monday, Sept. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo : Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

It’s been said a million times before. Love is hard. The words ring true throughout our existence and will continue to resonate between the empty walls of broken hearts for eternity. When it’s good, it’s good, and hopefully these sentiments are felt the majority of any relationship. But there are always pitfalls that stop the world on its axis.They can tear you down to the bone marrow, leaving you vulnerable, confused and surrounded in despair that clings to every thread of affection that lingers. It’s not pretty.

As love stories tend to follow this model of erratic ups and downs, they can become entertaining, not only for those involved, but from an outsiders perspective as well. It may sound cruel, but we all know its true. It’s for that reason that television shows portray complicated and trying love stories time and time again. It lassos the viewer, reeling them in for a closer look. We’re curious creatures, and love is our most intriguing asset. And now as the hit series “Bones” prepares for its return, fans dig for details on Brennan and Booth's dicey relationship, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get.

Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells fans that Booth’s priest turned bartender buddy will act as “somewhat of a touchstone this season for secrets,” during an interview with TVLine. “He’s a neutral party that Booth can go to and talk freely. And when Brennan finds out about him, she feels she can talk freely with him as well.” We know he used to be a priest, but will he be able to keep Brennan and Booth’s secrets from each other?

According to TV Guide, it isn’t what the bartender priest tells his friend Booth that helps repair their relationship, but what he tells Brennan. The spoiler alludes to a rekindled relationship, but let’s not get too optimistic too quickly.

“Bones” will return to FOX September 16.

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