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There is more than one side to any major decision. Not only between the possible outcomes of either choice, but between the people involved. Life changing decisions generally affect more than one party. Thus, it's essential to take the emotions of others into consideration.

As the series premiere of "Castle" rapidly approaches, fans are desperate to see whether Beckett will move to DC to pursue her career, or stay in New York. To make matters more complicated, there's a proposal on the table. If she chooses to leave New York, she'll leave behind her potential fiance, Castle. What many fail to realize, however, is that Castle plays an equally important role in the decision. Beckett won't be the only one affected. Castle's feelings are just as crucial to the show.

According to TVLine, the new season premiere picks up right where Season 5 left off. When we first see Beckett with Castle, addressing the cliffhanger that left fans glued to their seats all summer, Beckett interrupts by saying, "There's something I have to tell you." Although it's important not to read too far into her prose, that's not a good sign for poor Castle.

The episode then hits a time jump, distracting fans from the pressing marriage proposal on the table and addressing other riveting plotlines that make for a strong premiere. Fans can expect a major character to take several bullets to the chest, a major and devastating car crash, Tory's return, Alexis' new boyfriend, and a cliffhanger ending that puts one character's life in utter danger.

So while the principle issue at hand remains Beckett's ultimatum, there's plenty more on the horizon of the new season of "Castle." Let's not dwell on one single detail, no matter how pivotal that detail may be.

"Castle" will return to ABC on Monday, September 23.

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