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A massive storm brings the NCIS team aboard the USS Borealis, where everyone becomes a suspect once the crime scene proves that Mother Nature wasn’t the only culprit. Tension builds when McGee discovers that his estranged father, Navy Admiral John McGee, was on board during the incident, on NCIS (Photo : Sonja Flemming/CBS)

No one likes a tough goodbye. It's never easy to let go of something you love. It always feels unfair, no matter the circumstances. Fans of "NCIS" are far too familiar with the sensation. Upon the arrival of its 11th season, one of the show's most beloved characters, Ziva, played by Cote de Pablo, will be saying goodbye, leaving fans a pool of their own tears and a cloud of misunderstanding.

Ziva's departure will also bring an abrupt end to her blossoming relationship with Tony. An entire dynamic of the show will disappear. Fans are desperate to see how they settle their emotions, and now a new promo for the forthcoming season offers a sneak peek.

The promo opens with the words lingering on every fans lips. "Talk to me, Ziva. Where are you?" setting an ominous and anxious tone for impending new episodes. In the video, Homeland Security Director Morrow tells Vance that their next target is Ziva David, but by the end of the clip, she's still alive, promising Tony that she'll be OK. Check it out for yourself here.

According to TVLine, in the season premiere "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," an explosion at a D.C. event leads to a death connected to the agency. Tony and McGee, both without badges, investigate the explosion as civilians while Ziva remains nowhere to be found.

"The way that we are jumping off into this new season is classic 'NCIS,' and by that I mean it's about change and turmoil, everything being turned inside-out and upside-down," said Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony on the show. "If you're a casual viewer, if you've watched every single episode, or if you watched one episode with your Uncle Morty, you'll want to watch this premiere and the first few episodes, because this season does something it's never done before, and that is interesting."

"NCIS" will return to CBS on September 24.

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