By Francisco Salazar ( | First Posted: Aug 07, 2013 09:02 PM EDT

(Photo : Univision/Televisa)

After William Levy and Televisa dissolved their multimillion dollar contract many pundits started to speculate over how Levy's career would change.

The studio announced the news on Tuesday after "La Tempestad" bombed with ratings and obtained negative press. According to sources within Televisa, executives were upset with Levy's performance and his high salary. They were also disgruntled at the fact that Levy seemed indisciplined and would ask for preferential treatment during "La Tempestad's" production schedule.

After "la Tempestad" finishes shooting, Levy will resettle in Miami where his girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez and their two children currently live. He will also shift to more film projects. The actor has two movies coming out next year including "Single Moms Club" and "Addicted." He is currently rumored to star in "Boom Town" but the film does not have a writer or director attached.

However, Levy has no future plans for more forays into the telenovela. During press rounds for "La Tempestad," Levy said that he would love to continue doing Spanish TV as long as he loved the script and was dedicated to the project. Given that his status is increasing in the States, "La Tempestad" could end up being his last telenovela. Many actors such as Sandra Echeverria, Manolo Cardona and Ana De La Regera have quit the telenovela in favor of film. However, their careers have led them to foreign films and smaller roles in Hollywood movies. Levy has an advantage over those actors because he starred in "Dancing with the Stars" where he garnered a huge audience and a following.

Regardless, soap opera fans shouldn't lose hope of seeing Levy do another telenovela just yet. Telemundo's studios are currently in Miami and Gutierrez has a contract with the network, so Telemundo could still approach Levy to do a series with him; after all the network discovered him when Levy did the reality show "Protagonistas de Novela."

Whatever the case may be, audiences can currently see Levy in "La Tempestad" at 9 p.m. on Univision.

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