First Posted: Aug 05, 2013 12:22 PM EDT

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A fervent excitement emanates our pores, but its masked in loss and discouragement. It's finally here. The final episodes of "Breaking Bad" are less than a week away. While we bask in the glory of its return, the encroaching finale season is just that, a finale. There's no more after that. But instead of fearing the daunting future, it's important to focus on the present. "Breaking Bad" is back. The epic story of Walter "Heisenberg" White will come to an end. Over the past five years, the show's masterful writing and character development has set itself up for what should be one of the most remarkable series of all time. How will Walt's reign of terror come to an end? There are so many paths to choose and the the show's wildcard nature makes it nearly impossible to speculate. But dwell no longer, for "Breaking Bad" is back.

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Not only will "Breaking Bad" return this Sunday, but creator Vince Gilligan hinted that it will return with a vengeance. "As the movie title goes, there will be blood," he said. "To my mind, that's not the most interesting thing. It's the emotional moments and the character moments... We've gt some stuff that I think is going to be truly satisfying and truly shocking and jarring. It does not always center on moments of violence."

He's right. Although the senseless violence tied to the crystal meth drug trade, there's much more enticing content entrenched in the show's intricacies. However, as always, blood is always entertaining. After all, the premiere episode, technically episode 9 of season 5, is titled "Bloody Money." Blood and money. An equation that results in success. It will pick up right where episode 8 left off as Hank finally catches wind of Walt's game, serving as a major catalyst for the thrill ride of a finale.

"There's going to be a big Walt-Hank showdown," Gilligan said. "Obviously now that Hank is on to it, he needs to deal with that situation. It's like a freight train, man."

For those of you who simply can't cope with the loss, there's plenty to keep the series spirit alive. For starters, the iBook "Breaking Bad: Alchemy," allows fans to catch-up on the series with guides to the music, interactive quizzes, exclusive interviews, set tours and character biographies. Also keep an eye out of the "Mythbusters" episode dedicated to "Breaking Bad" as it takes on some of the show's most baffling myths. Finally, see what your name would look like in the Periodic Table-style font featured in the show's credits at AMC's Name Lab.

"Breaking Bad" returns to AMC Sunday, August 11.

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