First Posted: Aug 01, 2013 10:03 PM EDT

(Photo : Pronto)

New pictures of Lionel Messi's wild night out have surfaced in Argentinian tabloids this week. The pictures show the soccer star dancing and having a good time, with a yet unidentified blonde woman, who was described as a stripper by the Argentinian tabloid Pronto, which originally published the photographs. New pictures of the incident were published by Argentinian daily Muy as well.

Pronto Magazine, which sells about 130,000 issues a week, is the biggest selling celebrity gossip tabloid in that country. The editiorial managers for both publications claim that the pictures are original and they have not been altered in any way. The photographs were apparently taken with a cell phone.

Gossip TV programs in Argentina have been talking about the scandal all week, while sports journalists in Argentina and Spain have only just mentioned it in passing hoping the incident does not affect Messi's skills on the field.

Messi has been active on social media since the incident was first made public but he has not made any reference to it either. According to Mexican sports journal Cancha, Messi's father called the editorial management of the Pronto newspaper and asked for explanations as to why the pictures were published, as he believed that the incident "will bring considerable damage to Leo and his family."

source close to Messi's marriage stated, "There is nothing to suggest anything more happened (between Messi and the dancer) but still Antonella is furious. She can't believe he has been so stupid and feels very let down by Leo. Whether she'll give him the red card or not remains to be seen but it's fair to say the sofa at their home may be getting a lot of use at the moment."

Mexican Cancha publication also states that the Messi family will be looking into what legal actions they have against the outfits that originally published the photos.

The pictures were taken in Las Vegas last month when Messi was there attending a party hosted by Ronaldo.

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