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It never stops. It just keep trudging forward. Much like the zombies on the show, details on the upcoming season "The Walking Dead" continue to slowly trickle their way down from the set. As fans prepare for the approaching walker onslaught, they dig and dig for any little tidbit that will paint a clearer picture of what's to come. With cast interviews, behind-the-scene videos and set photos, "The Walking Dead" puzzle is coming together. The season 4 premiere is less than three months away. Prepare yourself.

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Fans will be pleased to know that Rick will regain his sanity as he takes on less of a leadership role in the forthcoming season. "It's not so much Ricktatorshipy," said showrunner Scott Gimple. He'll be taking an entirely different route.

"It's a man trying to reclaim the man he once was," said Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on the show. "We find him battling or trying to subdue the brutality that's inherent in this man and also maybe relinquishing responsibilities for leadership for the sake of his family. You're seeing a man try to be a single dad in an apocalypse. It's a challenge."

It's imperative that Rick hones in on his parenting, as fans saw his son's character beginning to show sociopathic tendencies in season 3. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, opened up about his character's relationship to Rick in season 3 and how that will change as the show moves forward.

"With what happened with him last year, when he had to kill his mother, it kind of screw up his head a little bit in ways, but it screwed up his dad's head a lot more than him," Riggs said. "So basically the whole season was conflict with him and his dad trying to get each other back. They kept on getting in sync and out of sync. So they weren't really successful with it at all."

"When Lori died the group was a lot smaller," he added. "So at the end of the season about 50 people [from Woodbury] got off that bus. And now that there's 50 more people in the group, Rick and Carl might have some more time to get closer together. Or not."

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC October 13.

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