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Zombies. Everywhere you look there are zombies. The flesh eating monsters have permeated modern culture and established themselves as our generation's most charismatic and terrifying creatures. They're featured in comic books, television shows, movies and more, sometimes even in our own lives. We all remember that bath salts craze, right? They're simply everywhere, and rightfully so. They are intriguing monsters. They can be portrayed in so many ways. They're versatile. Most importantly, they're scary. They've become a key ingredient for success, and now that the hit series "Grimm" has embraced the zombie craze, fans cannot wait for its return.

The season 2 finale saw a recently zombified Nick (David Giuntoli) being shipped off to Europe in a coffin, presumably to play a role in the Royal Family's quest for world domination, but don't expect his friends to fix him up anytime soon. If anything, his time in the box will make things even worse.

"If Nick does survive this zombie state, he's going to be very dangerous," says executive producer Jim Kouf. "There will be residual effects that will change him in a huge way." Nick's storyline will be followed closely as season 3 rolls out, making fans happier than ever.

In other exciting "Grimm" news, Monroe and Rosalee are heading to Wesen chapel in season 3. According to TV Line, the couple, whose relationship cultivated on the backburner throughout season 2, will have a difficult time convincing their parents that a Blutbad and a Fuchsbau will live happily ever after, but they're going to give it a shot.

Executive Producer David Greenwalt tells fans that Monroe's parents "think Fuchsbau like Rosalee are for eating, not for settling down with." Regardless of the outcome, the wedding is going to stir up serious drama as the season unfolds.

"Grimm" will return to NBC this fall.

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