First Posted: Jul 09, 2013 03:30 PM EDT

Mexicans seem to be tired of the unfulfilled promises of their politicians. That is why apparently over 7,500 of them decided to give their vote to "Cadigato Morris," the feline "mayoral candidate" for the city of Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz state, Latin Times reported. The name comes from a play on the Spanish words for cat ("gato") and candidate ("candidato").

The creators of this humorous character, which is an authentic reflection of people's discontent with the actual candidates, are two students. All they did was set up a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for their Candigato, as well as the website, according to the Daily Mail. Their Facebook Page and Twitter account went viral, becoming popular not only in Xalapa, but all over Mexico. The feline's campaign has almost 150,000 followers on Facebook.

"If politicians mock us, it is time we start mocking them," says Candigato Morris in one of the "slogans" for his campaign. Jair Cueves, one of its creators, further explained to ABC News, "Candidates here almost never fulfill their promises. Our candidate promises to sleep, eat, yawn and play in the dirt and that is what he will do if he wins the election."

They also felt neccesary to make it clear through an announcement on their Facebook page that they were neither supporting nor trying to bring down any politicial parties. "We repeat to our fans our categorical rejection of the Partidocracia (the bureaucracy behind the party system). We remind them that we are not and never will be related to any political party. We feel the need to make this clear because lately some micro-parties (which don't have any ideals or projects; business-parties whose main goal is to keep their registration in order to get a share of our taxes) have been trying to suck off my website's popularity and my image. Their zero creativity and lousy publicists don't have any other options," they wrote.

According to the CNN, 550 voters for the Candigato posted on Facebook a picture of their ballots.

The creators had asked their followers to do so, as to be able to count their votes. That is because the Veracruz Electoral Institute had previously warned that votes for the Candigato would be classified as null or void. Effectively, that was what happened: there were 7,500 void or null votes, so the creators of the Candigato consider that this is the number that corresponds to their feline candidate's voters.

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