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Vinny (left, Sebastian Sozzi) and Jamie (right, Will Estes) are called when a young woman with an infant is about to commit suicide in a gang-riddled housing project, on BLUE BLOODS. (Photo : Craig Blankenhorn)

Season four of CBS' "Blue Bloods" may be a couple months away, but that hasn't stopped fans from wanting some scoop on their favorite characters. The popular police drama has three seasons under its belt and is hoping to give fans an exciting, drama filled fourth come the fall.

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming season, but a few details are emerging on what's to come. As previously reported, actress Marisa Ramirez has been promoted to series regular as Det. Maria Baez, Det. Danny Reagan's (Donnie Wahlberg) newest partner.

Ramirez joined fellow actresses Megan Ketch (Det. Kate Lansing) and Megan Boone (Candice) in replacing Jennifer Esposito (Jackie Curatola) after she left the show in season three. Esposito left the series after being placed on medical leave for Celiac disease. Her departure caused some controversy in October, after she alleged the network didn't giver her the "very limited part-time schedule" she requested due to her illness and that it kept her from working elsewhere.

Now, TV Guide is reporting that another cop will be getting a new female partner. TV Guide reports, "Another season, another new partner for Jaime (Will Estes). This time it's Eddie, a rookie whom Jaime is shocked to learn is a woman. (Eddie is short for Edyta)."

"They both come from a family of cops, but they see the job very differently," TV Guide adds. "In fact, their first squabble will come when they are forced to choose whether to protect a cop killer from some angry officers or let him 'get what he deserves.'"

Fans will remember that Jaime tragically lost his last partner Vinny Cruz (Sebastian Sozzi) during the season three finale in a gun battle with some gang lords. How his relationship will develop with his new partner Eddie is any one's guess.  

Fans can catch a whole new season of "Blue Bloods" on September 27 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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