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The latest Verizon update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 might be more trouble that its worth. It was only last week that Latinos Post reported on the 4G LTE connectivity issues, and while it looks like there's a slew of other issues users are reporting in, there may be a fix to the 4G connectivity problem.

Users are writing in that one of the possible reasons for the lack of 4G LTE connectivity is due to a settings change in the phone. To rectify it, Verizon Galaxy S3 owners should go to Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks and change the network mode from "global" to "LTE/CDMA." Latinos Post has not independently verified the fix, but some are stating it works. If anything, it's worth a shot, since having your connection drop in and out and degrade to 3G can be quite annoying. It seems that a factory reset doesn't patch the problem.

Verizon Galaxy S3 owners had this to say about the update's 4G LTE problem in our last article:

"I recently updated my phone. And now I'm having problems connecting to 4g. I know I have coverage where I live at, but now all Im getting is 3g. This is very frustrating. Everything takes forever to load. When is this going to get fixed?" Carlos said.

"I'm having issues getting 4G now. Seeing a lot more 3G where it hasn't been before.. . Like at home," commented Beeze.

Users who have already updated their phone should also be on the lookout for a bloatware called Caller Name ID that seems to automatically download itself. While initially free, the software ends up charging $2.99 per month for unsuspecting Galaxy S3 owners who aren't aware the bloatware was downloaded. Some are saying that deleting the app also improves 4G LTE connectivity.

Additional update troubles that have been reported include poor battery life, and connectivity issues with other pieces of hardware, like printers.

The update brought Multi-Window as well as new camera features to the Verizon Galaxy S3.

Let us know if you are experiencing any problems with the new Verizon Galaxy S3 update, and whether the fix mentioned above worked for you.

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