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According to, World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, left, suffered a concussion during the recent Smackdown taping, making his status questionable for his title defense at Extreme Rules. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

WWE's World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler suffered an injury that could potentially keep him on the sidelines for a while. confirmed that Ziggler was injured during the Tuesday taping of Friday Night Smackdown while interfering in a match involving his bodyguard Big e Langston and world title contender Jack Swagger.

"He [was] having some memory difficulties and a bit of a headache ... he definitely has a concussion," WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson told "We're checking him out, and going to be doing neuropsychological testing and just keep it monitored."

The WWE is keeping observation on Ziggler and will be conducting tests over the next few days to test his health.

The injury comes at a bad time for Ziggler, who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase a little more than a month ago after WrestleMania to win his second World Heavyweight Championship and was scheduled to face off against Alberto Del Rio and Swagger in a triple threat ladder match at Extreme Rules on May 19, his first-ever title defense at a PPV. If the WWE decided to strip Ziggler of the title before the PPV, it could be a detrimental blow for Ziggler's recent push.

In other news, CM Punk might be ready for a comeback in June. According to Wrestling, there has been talk that WWE officials want the main event-level superstar and five-time world champion in the ring at the June 16 Payback PPV. The reason? The PPV is emanating from Punk's hometown of Chicago, Illi., where the man known as the "Best In The World" is wildly popular and has received huge ovations each time.

Some of Punk's biggest moments have come in Chicago, including his first-ever Intercontinental Championship win, his famous Money in the Bank 2011 win over John Cena for the WWE Championship and his classic Extreme Rules 2012 WWE title bout with Chris Jericho. Punk has been on a break from WWE to heal nagging injuries

And the Undertaker looks like he might be ready to step back into the ring at SummerSlam. According to via, there has been talk that the Dead Man could be headed back to the ring at SummerSlam to team up with Kane-reuniting the former WWE Tag Team Championship-winning team of the Brothers of Destruction-to face off against The Shield.

With the Undertaker having been written off TV after a beating from the Shield on Smackdown weeks ago, the WWE is reportedly leaning on building that towards an angle culminating at SummerSlam. However, while the Undertaker has allegedly agreed to appearing at WrestleMania 30, it is not known yet if the Phenom wants to do the match yet.

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