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One thing that makes "Breaking Bad" so unique is its practicality. Well, at least in the first couple seasons. The acting is so spot on and the plot is so strong and well rounded that the show mimics real life. Perhaps now in later seasons some of Walter White's tactics are a bit farfetched, but in the early episodes, his attempt to cook crystal meth in an RV with equipment and chemicals from the local high school, where he worked as a chemistry teacher, is so raw that it feels almost too plausible. That's what makes the show so gritty. That's one key element that attracted fans. Now, a fertilizer plant subject to multiple "Breaking Bad" style heists proves that the show's plotline is all too realistic.

West Fertilizer in Texas has long been a target for theft from people searching for a rare, key ingredient for making methamphetamine. Following in Walt's footsteps, the thieves periodically ransacked the fertilizer plant in search of the coveted chemicals.

Anhydrous ammonia, a key element in fertilizer production, is a chemical used in the meth cooking process, similar to the methylamine sought after throughout "Breaking Bad." In one instance, burglars stole 150 pounds of anhydrous ammonia over the course of three nights. A year later, the plant manager told police that thieves were siphoning four-to-five gallons every three days.

West Fertilizer exploded two weeks ago, killing 14 people. It's unclear whether the explosion is connected to the burglaries, however police are investigating the cause. Anhydrous ammonia is classified as nonflammable, but ammonia vapor in high concentrations will burn, especially in the presence of oil or other combustible materials. Various reports suggest that the plant was storing more fertilizer than it was allowed to, but there's still no official word from officials.

Although meth chefs may not have caused the explosion, their days of looting West Fertilizer are over. It's time to sit down, watch a few more episodes of "Breaking Bad," and rehash the plan. Walt's a smart guy. He'll figure something out.

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