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With very few details revealed on the new Star Wars Episode VII film, speculation has arisen on whether director J.J Abrams will keep the film's profile secret.

Abrams, who is known for keeping everything secret, left his latest Star Trek film closed with very few details revealed. The director has yet to reveal any details about "Star Wars" and every time he is asked about the film he is very evasive toward the subject.

However in a recent interview with ScreenCrush producer Kathleen Kennedy stated that they would try and secure production so no information is leaked but would adopt if the case were to happen. She also added that they would not keep information as tight as Abrams did.

She stated "We talk about that all the time. I think the whole issue of confidentiality is gonna be fascinating as we move into making the movie. If we're shooting anything outside, it's almost impossible to not have things end up on the Internet. So my feeling is, you need to embrace that, especially with the fans around something like Star Wars. You need to recognize they're important to the process and acknowledge there are things you're gonna want to make sure they get to know. So I think that's something we're going to monitor, pay attention to and think differently about."

Abrams is currently promoting his new Star Trek film entitled "Star Trek: Into Darkness." The movie is set for release in May. Kennedy was recently nominated for an Academy Award for her work on "Lincoln" and is currently in Pre-production for "The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun"

"Star Wars" is currently in the pre-production phase with Kathleen Kennedy as Producer and Michael Arndt as the writer. Casting has not started but rumor has it that Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill have been approached to reprise their role from the original trilogy.

Disney is set to unveil the finished product in 2015.

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