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The green Nokia Lumia 920 provided on April Fools Day. (Photo : Nokia)

A "*new*" software update is now available for AT&T's Nokia Lumia 920 customers.

Following large reports of connectivity issues, Nokia has released update 1232.5962.1314.0001 for U.S. customers only. According to Nokia, the available may also depend on the network's service provider.

Among the fixes in the update are:

- Improved automatic display brightness adjustment,

- Fix for intermittent screen blanking during a call,

- Improvements for connectivity issues in certain network conditions,

- Performance and stability improvements.

To check for the update, tap "Settings" on the smartphone, followed by "Phone update."

The update has since been available in Navifirm for download, according to Winp.

The updates come as Lumia 920 device owners reported issues with connecting to AT&T's network late March.

"My L920 has been having a difficult time connecting to AT&T since the firmware update," posted clyderd on Reddit. "It was going in and out, it shows the bars but I am unable to send or receive texts or anything else without being on WiFi. Anyone else had this happen to them?"

Another Redditor posted, "Ever since the update my LTE keeps dropping to no service and back in areas where I used to have excellent service. And then today my phone froze for the first time. This 1308 update is awful. I wish I could revert back," xpxp2002 wrote.

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