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Mexico Barbie comes with a pet Chihuahua and a passport and is described as "being dressed for a fabulous fiesta in her vibrant dress with ruffles, lace and brightly colored ribbon accent," according to the toymaker Mattel Inc.'s site.

The controversial doll is an addition to the "Dolls of the World" collection that represents other nations like Chile, Holland, China and France.

And even though all of the dolls in the collection come with a passport, many feel that the inclusion of such a document is insensitive considering the state of immigration policies in the United States.

"It sounds to me like Mattel took some shortcuts," said Jason Ruiz, an American studies professor at Notre Dame University.

"The bright pink ribbons? A Chihuahua? That kind of stuff is so easy to use."

Ruiz added that Mexican Americans are often portrayed as colorful and lively people and said that they are "tired of being seen as merely colorful."

And even though Ruiz pointed out that the passport did not offend him, he said that he could understand why others would be upset.

"It is a point of contention and great sensitivity for people of Mexican origin, especially Mexican immigrants," Ruiz said.

"Papers decide everything for immigrants from Mexico."

And staff writer for the online publication MamásLatinas, Claudya Martinez, told that she was offended by the passport inclusion in the Barbie set.

"I think a lot of people would like to pretend that there is no more racism and that people are not facing barriers because of their background or their culture," she said.

"If you happen to be one of the cultures who is continuously bombarded with stereotypes, it's hard not to notice that the progress you thought had been made has been taken for granted."

But Mattel spokeswoman Stefani Yocky responded the criticism today in a statement.

"Our goal with the Dolls of the World Mexico Barbie, as well as the entire Dolls of the World Collection, is to celebrate cultural differences and tradition, introducing girls to the world through play," she said.


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