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Justin Bieber has a new haircut. And as is usually the case every time the star does or says something, it has caused controversy.

The pop star posted pictures on Twitter that showcase the return of bangs to his hairdo. The response from a number of outlets and fans on Twitter is that new look makes Bieber more effeminate.

UK Publication The Sun titled its article "Justin Bieb-Her gets girly new hairdo just like Miley and Rihanna" while The Mirror wrote, "the puny pop star appears to have styled his new hairstyle on the amazing and slightly controversial website dedicated to lesbians who look like Justin."

The insults and controversy continued on Twitter where a number of fans expressed similar sentiments. Here are some responses.

@TMZ - Justin Bieber's new haircut looks great ... does it come in mens?

@samdoniia - i just dont understand why "North Korea Threat" is trending at number 4 on yahoo and "Justin Bieber Haircut" is number 2 ....... seriously?

‏@IAM_MiKLovin - Justin Bieber's new haircut makes him look like a legit lesbian. Like Dani from The Glee Project.

@gilaaaat - Justin bieber haircut is number 1 trending now on yahoo and it's above 14 college students being stabbed and North Korea threat...

@NoaToton - Let it be known to @DrewbiePoole that I had Justin Bieber's haircut when I was 13-14 ... #Kinda

@PageMackinley - Justin Bieber's New Haircut Sparks Tired Gender Guessing Gags

@Zap2it - Justin Bieber's new haircut channels Rihanna and Miley Cyrus

@Adzlegends - "I hate Justin Bieber's new haircut I'm leaving"


@WeKidrauhlArmy - "Justin Bieber's new haircut is ugly"

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