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Lindsey Vonn, left, continues to rehab her ACL, but is all smiles when taking about new boyfriend Tiger Woods, right, stating last week that she was "very happy." (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

For Lindsey Vonn, the healing process from a torn ACL may be a little easier thanks to the company she's sharing these days.

As Vonn continues to rehabilitate the torn ACL she sustained in February, she continues to field questions about her highly-publicized relationship with golf superstar Tiger Woods. However, in spite of the newfound media scrutiny facing Vonn's private life, all a tight-lipped Vonn will say regarding her and Woods is that she is in a very good place.

"You can just say that I'm very happy, but we really want to keep things as private as possible," Vonn said in an interview Friday, according to the Denver Post. "All you really need to know is that I'm happy."

Vonn has been taking it step by step in her recovery from the ACL injury she sustained during the world skiing championships in February, staying off high heels per doctors orders and attending rehab stints that have cut into her time on celebrity visits, though that didn't stop her from visiting some youngsters at Beaver Creek on Saturday who took part in her "Ski Girls Rock" program designed to inspire young female skiers.

Despite the slow nature of an ACL recovery, which can take between 8 to 12 months, the former Olympic skiing champion is starting to make progress, such as walking on only one crutch.

"Being on one crutch to no crutches is a huge difference," said Vonn. "I feel like I definitely turned a big corner after the five-week mark, where I felt like my knee was really doing well and I was ready to walk on it again. ... I hate being helpless, and I hate having to ask people to do things for me. Now I'm really pumped. I feel like I have my independence back."

But Vonn is vying for more than just her independence, having made it clear that she is shooting to return to competition in time for the Sochi Olympics next February, roughly a year after her surgery. Despite having a relatively short period of time to get into shape for the games, Vonn feels that she will eventually be ready for the games.

"The more time goes on, the more confident I am that I'll be ready for Sochi," Vonn said. "I was a little bit nervous before the surgery, but every day since then the confidence has just gotten better and better. I have plenty of time, so I just have to make sure I do the rehab like I'm supposed to, and I don't have any setbacks. I should be perfectly on time to be skiing, hopefully in the first speed races of the season."

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