By Frank Lucci ( | First Posted: Apr 01, 2013 12:26 PM EDT

(Photo : Google)

It's April Fools' Day, and heavy hittering organizations like Google, IGN, Hulu, and even the White House are getting in on the action by having a little fun with their audiences.

Google is offering gullible viewers the chance to try the beta of Google Nose. Google Nose would offer to add the sensation of smell to the search experience. pulling from the 15 million "scentibytes" of data available, Google Nose would allow users to pair olfactory sensations with search engines in a humorous take on the many different search options the company offers users. A video of Google Nose can be seen below.

IGN has put up a fake trailer for an Apple iPlay console on their website. The iPlay would allow users to bring Angry Birds, and only Angry Birds, to the console experience, thus fulfilling Apple's dream of the ultimate game experience. IGN also pokes fun at the way Apple announces their products, with odd camera angles, overly excited executives, and, of course, several different models announced before the commercial is even through. All in all, IGN does a pretty deent job (no pun intended) at making fun of the way Apple makes their commercials.

Hulu has also released several spoof shows based on some popular comedy series listed on the main page's scroll. Itchy and Scratchy (celebrating their 85th anniversary!), Inspector Spacetime, The Rural Juror, and Space Teens with Robin Sparkles are some of the clips you can watch on the website.

Finally,The White House website shows a "special message" from the President, only it comes from a Mr. Kid President instead, wishing everyone a happy April Fools' Day.

It is always nice to see companies and websites cut loose and offer humorous pranks on this day, and so far we have seen some pretty memorable pranks. Whether it's poking fun at ourselves or others, April Fools' Day gives everyone a chance to relax and have some fun.

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