By Peter Lesser ( | First Posted: Mar 26, 2013 05:55 PM EDT

We're back to square one. When rumors first surfaced of the "50 Shades of Grey" movie, fans immediately began to speculate as to who would play the roles of the innocent Anastasia and sex-crazed Christian. Some of the first actors to pop into mind were Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev from "The Vampire Diaries." They've kept their off-screen relationship private, but fans can still see that the two have serious chemistry, something they believe could resonate well on the big screen.

While some fans have considered Dobrev as a reasonable Anastasia candidate, her boyfriend Somerhalder has topped fan polls since the get-go. As of now, he still remains at the top of the list of contendors, yet his relationship with Dobrev could complicate things. In a recent interview on "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohan asked Somerhalder about their relationship, but he didn't necessarily give fans what they were hoping for. Instead of verbally confirming a relationship that has already gone public, he told Cohan that he wouldn't necessarily say that he was in a relationship, although it seems clear that he's aware of its publicity. He's just toying with us.

Regardless of their off-screen privacy, its unclear whether the relationship would translate well on the "50 Shades" set. Some fans believe that the pair would make for a realistic interpretation of Ana and Christian's steamy relationship. The sexual chemistry is already there. All the actors need to do is let down their guard onscreen, which should be easy, they're actors.

Others aren't as easily convinced. Their off-screen relationship is, presumably, unlike Ana and Christian's, which could get in the way of the film's authenticity. How can Somerhalder teach Dobrev the wonders of S&M if the two have already established a sexual relationship behind the scenes?

But what if Somhalder is cast as Christian and Dobrev is left in the dust? Dobrev may get jealous of her boyfriend's raunchy onscreen sex scenes with the young actress chosen to play Anastasia. The two would have to sit down and have quite the talk before embarking on a journey that could potentially tear the fabric of their relationship.

There's a lot a stake here, but Universal studios and "50 Shades" author E. L. James just want to cast who's right for the role. If Somerhalder and Dobrev have any reservations due to their relationship, then they'll be tossed aside in the blink of an eye like a pair of rag dolls. There's no room for emotion in the cold, cutthroat "50 Shades" business. If you can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

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