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(Photo : Univision)

On the second episode of "Nuestra Belleza Latina" Osmel Sousa, Julian Gil and Lupita Jones picked their ten teammates.

After the contestants chose their respective teams, the judges took the contestants on trips where they had to go through different obstacles.

Jones' team went to Mexico where they visited the Televisa studios. While at the studio, the group visited the sets of "Amores Verdaderos," "Lagrimas de Corazon" and "Porque El Amor Manda." Once the tour was over they were asked to improvise on stage with Arturo Peniche, Pablo Montero, and Jorge Salinas. After that they had a photo shoot and had one more acting challenge.  They were asked to do a comic scene with Gabriel Soto who improvised his way through the scene.

Gil took his team to Puerto Rico where he asked his teammates to cross a dangling bridge; the challenge scared the majority of the girls. He then asked them to put their survival skills to test and build a tent. He also asked them to make a fire with no matches or lighters. The girls were upset with the challenge but successfully completed it. The next day they had a photo shoot where they were asked to go nude in the dirt and in the water.

Sousa's group went to Canada where they were taken to a castle and treated like royalty. When they arrived Sousa called each one to his room and told each participant their bad qualities. The next day they were asked to take an etiquette class where they were told to organize a table correctly. However all of them failed. At the end of the day they were all taken to see a Canadian prince who only spoke French. Each one dined one by one and even danced with him. The next day Sousa asked them to model in a Bikini in the snow in 10 degree weather.

At the end of the trips each of the judges was forced to eliminate two of their teammates leaving 24 participants for next week's first Gala. 

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