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Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (Photo : Guillaume Cattiaux)

Almost everyone dreams of foreign travel.

It's one of the few things in life that offers us the opportunity of adventure, cultural enlightenment and the chance to truly change how we view the world. It brings families closer together and provides a lifetime's worth of special memories.

The challenge becomes turning that dream into a reality. The obstacles - both real and imagined - to foreign travel can be daunting.

There's so much that goes into a perfect trip; airline tickets to get you to your destination smoothly, the right hotels in the right part of town, and local guided sightseeing tours to make sure get the full history and flavor of a place.

Then there's the issue of finding the time. Most Americans can only take a week or two vacation at a time, and often these need to coincide with their children's school breaks, which means high tourist season. Just ask anyone who's been to Europe in August what that can be like.

With time and money so precious, how do you decide where to go? And when you get there, how do you make sure you see the right sights? Where you stay and what you see can make all the difference in the world.

But what if you could wipe aside all of those concerns? What if there was a company that could organize your perfect trip? Well, one company has managed to gain the reputation for being able to do it - and is fulfilling the dreams of thousands of travelers every year - both first-timers and experienced adventure seekers alike.

The company is called Go Ahead Tours. What makes them so special?

Firstly, all their tours include airfare, hotels, expert Tour Directors, local guides and some meals - no expensive surprises to worry about. That means your focus can be entirely on the experience, not worrying where you're staying tomorrow.

Secondly, their tours go everywhere. From Africa to Antarctica, from China to Chile, from Ireland to Italy, they have developed over 100 tours, of various durations and at prices that can satisfy your wanderlust.

They also have tours for every conceivable taste. Whether it's snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or a photography tour of great European capitals, there's something for everyone, regardless of whether you want to take it easy or dive in.

Then there are the little things that you get with Go Ahead Tours, details most people don't think too much about, but can make the difference between a truly wonderful travel experience and a mediocre trip. Take, for instance, the local guides - Go Ahead only works with the most interesting, talented and charismatic guides - guaranteed to make sure their travelers never leave a destination without learning all about its history and culture.

It also means knowing the local terrain, like how to skip the long lines, and the expensive and crowded tourist traps. Their itineraries give you the right amount of free time to explore things that you find most important at your own pace. That's what makes a trip great.

With over twenty year's experience, Go Ahead Tours has developed deep relationships with quality international hotel chains as well as local gems.

They provide so much for one price - you'll be amazed by the value.

So, if you've always dreamed about foreign travel but thought it too expensive or difficult to organize, perhaps you should check out what Go Ahead Tours has to offer.

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