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Buying a vehicle is a huge purchase. In fact, after a home, it's probably the biggest one you'll make.

Unfortunately, most people dread the process. We rarely trust the sales person at the dealership, who often seems a bit too slick. It feels like they're holding back on their best offer, hoping to drag out the negotiation and wear us down so we'll agree to anything. And all that, of course, leaves the distinct impression that we've just paid far more than we should have for the vehicle.

This process basically strips away the pleasure you should feel from buying a new car.

Now, however, a new online service turns the process completely upside down. In fact, it may be the best thing to happen to the car buying process since the advent of the Model T.

The service is called CarWoo!, and it puts the car buyer in charge, making the car dealerships bow down to you.

Here's how it works. First, visit and enter the make, model and option you want on your new car and your zip code. CarWoo! will then show you all of the dealers carrying that vehicle in your area, along with an independent customer service rating for each. Then you decide how many of these dealers you want to get quotes from and the fun begins-for FREE!

CarWoo! lets the dealerships you selected know what you're looking for, without passing along your personal information. Those dealers then make you their best offer for your exact vehicle, all in a standard, easy-to-understand format. These sales people can see who else is bidding for your business and how much they are offering- so they're all highly motivated to offer you the absolutely lowest guaranteed price they can.

The dealer never gets your direct email or phone number so the negotiation happens on your terms. Dealers cannot email or call you directly. Instead, you use the CarWoo! interface to contact any of them to discuss the offers, email questions, and even try to drive the price down further and see if they will accept your counter-offer.

Then, when you're ready to buy, simply click a button to lock in the price and schedule a time to pick up your new car!

CarWoo! offers an exceptional support team that can help with your purchase. So whether you're on the website or at the dealership, they're with you the whole way; it's like having your own "insider" through the buying process.

CarWoo! is free to use, though they will charge a nominal fee if you search for more than one vehicle. That said, the service is practically guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars and tons of time on your car purchase- so whether you're shopping around or know what you're looking for, it's well worth it.

With services like CarWoo!, you don't have to waste your time and gas driving from dealership to dealership to find the car you want, at a price you're willing to pay for it. CarWoo! has already helped thousands of buyers save millions on their vehicles, and they can help you, too.

Click here to get a quote on your next car today.

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