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Enterprise Florida is accused of having a sexist logo (Photo : Balloon-Juice)

A small development firm in Florida is under scrutiny after a women's group accused their new logo of being sexist. The group claims that replacing the 'I' in Florida with a necktie sends the wrong message.

The ad campaign was launched by Enterprise Florida Inc., a partly state funded pro-business group. The firm believed that the necktie would serve as a symbol for the state's hardworking business attitude, but others saw it differently.

One commentator posted on the group's Facebook page saying, "I think this logo sends the wrong message, it seems to scream 'we don't hire women' maybe that was not the intention, but that is the message."

Another wrote, "Your tie logo is offensive. What, business is men only?"

Other commentators posted the opposite, saying, "Oh for pete sake! Some people must lay awake at night to think up something to find fault with! This is a good and interesting business logo, so go with it."

Melissa Medley, Enterprise Florida's chief marketing officer says that the campaign is meant to establish Florida as a business destination, not just a place for tourists to lay on the beach and visit Disney World, according to The Los Angeles Times. "The idea of a cartoon tie being considered sexist is somewhat of a stretch," she said. "The most recognizable icon of the business world is a tie. It has nothing to do with men or women."

Other people have suggested using a briefcase or a cell phone, but Medley says that the group is happy with its decision to use a necktie. Others even suggested dangling pearls around the "F" or standing the "A" in fancy heels.

Despite all the backlash, Enterprise Florida is not considering changing the logo. It denies any sexist motives and is proud of their logo. It says what the firm wants it to say. What it does say is in the eye of the beholder for now.

Do you think the new Enterprise Florida logo is sexist?

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