By Michael Oleaga / ( | First Posted: Feb 01, 2013 04:58 PM EST

MEGA creator Kim Dotcom (Photo : Reuters)

Kim Dotcom is taking his new cloud service Mega seriously following the shutdown of Mega Upload last year.

This week, a third-party search engine site, apparently from France, was shut down by Mega for several violations.

Kim Dotcom has stressed that his Mega site has two important concepts: privacy and security, and he's living up to those concepts.

The third-party website, titled Mega-Search, featured images similar to the Mega brand and allowed people to search files that have been upload on Kim Dotcom's new site.

"It has come to MEGA's attention that there are micro search engines that use our (M) logo and other MEGA branding without authorization," stated a post by Mega. "Worse, such site(s) were reported in a highly publicized manner and purport to be globally available search engines, but don't have their own DMCA takedown policy or registered DMCA agent."

The Mega-Search site has since been taken down.

"We apologize to the very small number of users who, due to MEGA's cautious legal practices, had some of their authorized files mistakenly taken down. We do believe that by ignoring our advice and making encryption keys public, especially through sites that do not even implement a proper notice-and-takedown protocol, you were not entirely unprepared for negative repercussions," the Mega blog post added.

Dotcom's Mega site made its debut roughly two weeks ago and has since seen one million people register to the site.

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