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Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was banned from the U.S. as a byproduct of Apple's lawsuit against the Korean company, the budget smartphone is now available in the UK.  At a rate of £15/month alongside a two-year contract, IT Pro Portal touts the deal as the "cheapest pay monthly contract in the UK yet."

To snag the offer, consumers must subscribe to TalkMobile, a company with ties to Vodafone. The site details that 200 texts, 100MB of data, and 50 minutes are on the plate for the deal, although users can upgrade to unlimited texting and add 50 minutes to their allows for the cost of 50p/month on top of the original contract.

The Galaxy S3 Mini features a 4-inch display with 800x480 resolution adorns the mini, complimenting a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of onboard storage with a microSD card slot, and a 5-megapixel camera.

Samsung's diminutive device ships with Android Jelly Bean and Premium Suite pre-installed. Check out the included features below.

Premium Suite Features

Paper Artist: This new app allows S3 owners to decorate their photos with filters and other customization options.

Camera-Low Light Shot: A solution for dark environments, low-light shot reduces noise and provides bright photos with minimal light.

Camera-Best Face: This feature takes 5 photographs in a row and allows each person to combine their best faces from each shot into one photograph. It may not be authentic, but it'll make finding a new facebook profile picture a lot easier.

Camera-Easy Snap: Developed for the visually impaired, this update provides audio cues for when faces are detected in the shot.

Easy Mode: Now, the 5 most recently used widgets will show up on the desktop

Sound Balance: This new option gives users control over the sound balance of earphones on both sides

Page Buddy: The S3 will now automatically detect when headphones are plugged in and immediately begin paying music.

Setup Wizard: This setup feature streamlines the setup process for disabled users.

Contextual Menu: Now, the most frequently used apps show up first when you list them and attach files to messages.

Contextual Tag: This update automatically tags photos with the date, place, and weather.

Multi-Window (Enhanced Feature): Two apps can be used at once in two windows on the S3's screen.

Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC (Enhanced Feature): Samsung has improved photo sharing with S-Beam.

Reader Mode (Enhanced Feature): New options allow users to adjust text size on web pages and share content with friends easily.

Facebook Lock Ticker: Facebook news feeds will show up on the phone's lock screen if the user so chooses.

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