By Robert Schoon / ( | First Posted: Jan 22, 2013 06:41 PM EST

Kim Dotcom, the millionaire, accused pirate, and generally grandiloquent personality, took the anniversary of the FBI raid on his former file-sharing site Megaupload as an occasion to launch a new service called Mega. Check out this slideshow with pictures from the event.

In Kim Dotcom's usual crazy PR-attracting style, the launch was announced at a press conference which took place at a large outdoor stage outside of his mansion. The press conference was quite theatrical, replete with smoke machines going off, disco stage lighting, a jumbo-tron in the background, a large Maori-themed song and dance number to open, two not-very-good comedians introducing Kim Dotcom, and a half dozen young women in suggestive uniforms walking the millionaire out onto the stage.

Later in the press conference, after introducing Mega, Dotcom's theater troupe suddenly staged a dramatic reenactment of the U.S. raid in 2012 on Dotcom's compound with a black helicopter hovering overhead marked "FBI" and pyrotechnics going off. Actors dressed as FBI SWAT team members repelled down Dotcom's mansion and a voice-over warned everyone to freeze. Meanwhile, Dotcom's scantily-clad uniformed fem-guards quickly surrounded him for protection.

Eventually Dotcom yelled "Stop this madness! Let's all be friends," and then he and the fem-guards, along with dancers and possibly some of the fake FBI SWAT guys broke into a techno-fueled dance number. No kidding. 

Check out the slideshow for more. You'll see the fem-guards and a local Maori who was part of a larger group of dancers that opened up the festivities at the beginning of the press conference. You'll also see some of the FBI SWAT fellows, as they fake-arrest Kim Dotcom and also afterwards, when it was revealed to the crowd that this was all a gigantic, weird put-on by Dotcom. 

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