space commercialization

Deep Space Industries Wants To Kick Off Asteroid Mining In 2015

As our planet's natural resources dwindle, people are beginning to look for creative ways to harvest the necessary ingredients to fuel mankind's progress. Space entrepreneurial company Deep Space Industries is now proposing to send out a fleet of miniature satellites as early as 2015 to scope out potential asteroids for mining.

SpaceX Plans to Put Employee Astronauts Into Orbit By 2015

SpaceX, the private commercial space flight company, is planning to put some of its own employee astronauts into orbit by 2015.

40 Years After Last Moon Mission, Tickets Are For Sale: Golden Spike Space Startup Offers Lunar Trip for Two for $1.5 Billion

a company founded by former NASA scientists involved in the Apollo missions is hoping to offer tourist flights to the moon by 2020.

Fly To The Moon, For A Cool $750 Million

Private space company Golden Spike Company plans to offer commercial space flights to the moon at the price of $750 million a seat.

Virginia Takes Steps in Space Privatization With 'Spaceport' Partnership

Governor Bob McDonnell has announced that the Virginia Commonwealth Space Flight Authority (VCSFA) and Virginia-based Orbital Sciences Corporation have reached a new level of agreement in terms of their allocation of assets as well as working relationship at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS).

Space Travel: Virgin America Spurs Space Commercialization; Announces Contest for Free Ride into Outer Space on SpaceShipTwo

Virgin America announced on Friday the “launch” of its Mission Galactic Web site that will allow Virgin Atlantic Elevate members to enter into a contest to be among the first individuals to take advantage of recent space commercialization efforts and receive a free suborbital flight into outer space.
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