New Planet? Astronomers Discover Exoplanet With Rings 200 Times The Size of Saturn's

Astronomers from the Netherlands have made a surprising new discovery, finding a planet with rings that are bigger in size and number compared to the rings of Saturn.
Cassini Spacecraft Photo of Saturn and Earth

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Takes a Deep-Space Selfie of Earth From Saturn

Call it a deep-space selfie if you will. Recently-released images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show off Saturn in all its glory, including its rings, and for the first time ever, Earth and its moon in the background.
Titan, Saturn's largest moon

Saturn moon 'Titan' Has Thick, Icy Shell and Possible Bizarre Interior: Study

A new study suggests that Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has a thick, rigid crust of ice, and is apparently far stronger than researchers previously thought.
Image Of Saturn's Ring And Earth

Cassini Saturn, Earth Photos: Spacecraft Captures Images From Almost 900 Million Miles Away In Outer Space [Photos]

After traveling almost 900 million miles through outer space last Friday, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has beamed back ravishing pictures closeup shoots of Saturn with Earth in the backgound as a "pale blue dot."
Saturn Hurricane

Mammoth Saturn 'Hexagon' Hurricane With 330 Mph Winds Finally Imaged [Video]

For the first time ever, NASA's Cassini spacecraft recorded a gargantuan hurricane churning around Saturn's north pole on the visible-light spectrum. The hurricane stems from an enigmatic six-sided weather phenomenon known as "the hexagon."

Saturn Live Stream Starts This Weekend - Viewing Times & When To Watch The Planet Reach Its Opposition Point For The Best View In 6 Years

Saturn will reach its opposition point on Sunday, Apr. 28 in what is expected to be the best view of the ringed-planet in six years.

Saturn's Rings Cause Rain That Makes Saturn's Atmosphere Unique

Next time you worry about the rain, just be glad it's not pouring from outer space. A new study by the University of Leicester, England, tracked the "rain" of charged water particles that fall from the rings of Saturn and affects the atmosphere of the planet.

Saturn's Rings Are As Old As Our Solar System And Gave Birth To Prometheus

A new fine-toothed examination of NASA's Cassini spacecraft's observations of Saturn has revealed that its breathtaking rings are "vintage goods" stemming from our solar system's birth, and are actually the origins of one of Saturn's moons.

Birth of New Star Reveals New Facts about Planetary Birth; HD 142527 Located 450 Light Years from Earth

From the birth of new celestial life in the cosmos, scientists may have gained a glimpse into the mysteries behind the creation of certain planets.
A miniature version of the Nile River, seen on Saturn’s moon Titan by the international Cassini mission. The river valley stretches more than 400 km from its ‘headwaters’ to a large sea

Cassini Spacecraft Snaps Image of Longest Liquid River on Saturn Moon Titan, Likely Methane

The Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn’s moon Titan has snapped a picture of the longest liquid river yet found in the solar system outside of Earth. And it’s not water.

NASA Orbiter Captures Ethane Flowing on Saturn's Moon Titan, 'The Only Place Besides Earth with Continuous Liquid Movement' (IMAGE)

On Titan, Saturn's moon, a Nile-like river filled with the liquid hydrocarbons ethane and methane stretches 250 miles long.

NASA to Host Live Monday Conference to Talk About Voyager 1 Findings (Live Stream Links)

Thirty-five years after its launch into space, NASA will talk about the latest findings of the spacecraft that has traveled farther than anything ever built on Monday.

Infrared Pac-Man Projection Spotted on Saturn's Two Moons

Pac-Man projected himself into the public consciousness in 1980, but he has since graduated to the stars, according to a study published in the journal Icarus.

Sky Watch: Saturn and Venus To Cross Paths In Early Dawn on Nov. 27

The two planets will cross path early Tuesday morning and will appear low above the east-southeast horizon.
Saturn Pac-Man

Pac-Man In Space: Thermal Distribution Of Saturn Moon Tethys Resembles Arcade Character

NASA's Cassini mission took an interesting photograph of the Saturn moon Tethys, in which the surface temperature distribution looks like Pac-Man.

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