NASA's WISE Telescope Reveals Millions Of Black Holes

Astronomers Just Caught a Black Hole Swallowing a Star [PHOTOS]

Astrophysicists have spotted a black hole "eating" a star.
NASA astronaut

Want to go to Mars? NASA may hire you – A look at requirements, salary, and former Latino astronauts

To qualify, NASA requires that applicants carry a bachelor's degree and over 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time, among other feasible prerequisites.
3.9 Earthquake felt in Los Angeles, California.

NASA Says they Are 99.9% Positive A 5.0 Earthquake Will Hit California by Summer of 2018; U.S. Geological Survey Does Not Agree

It seems like Los Angeles is always on the earthquake watch. New findings have now lead scientists to predict when they think the next "big one" will hit.
Comet Kohoutek

Lovejoy Comet Found to Emit Alcohol, Sugar [Photos]

Lovejoy Comet is reported to be producing an equivalent of 500 bottles of wine per second, according to NASA.
Mysterious floating city in China

Enormous Mysterious City Seen Floating in the Sky Over China

A highly-unusual sighting of what appeared to be a gigantic city among the clouds hovering over the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi, regions of China, was reportedly captured in a video.
Solar Eruption Rises Above Sun

Massive Hole in the Sun as Big as 50 Earths [Photo]

A "Corona hole" that could swallow 50 Earths has been causing geomagnetic storms and aurora borealis appearances on Earth.
New Horizons Nears July 14 Flyby Of Pluto

Check Out These Stunning Images of Pluto's Charon

NASA's New Horizon transmits brand new, high-definition photos of Pluto's Charon.
Close-up Of Mars

'Mars Mystery Solved'? NASA's Major Space News & Everything We Know So Far Here!

NASA teases with a "Mars Mystery Solved" announcement.
New Horizons Nears July 14 Flyby Of Pluto

Check This Out: New High Resolution Photos of Pluto Here!

NASA's Horizon sent back a new batch of Pluto photos -- and this time, they're in hi-res.
Space Shuttle Discovery Moved To Launch Pad

Rising Sea Levels May Flood NASA's Launch Sites

$66 billion to $106 billion worth of coastal property is at risk if a solution is not implemented by 2050.
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sends back Pictures Of Vesta Asteroid

Check Out the Sharpest Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Here! [PHOTOS]

NASA's Dawn sends back high definition photos of dwarf planet Ceres.
Planet Mars Makes A Close Approach To Earth

Mysterious Ancient Lake on Mars: Key to Finding Alien Life on Red Planet?

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers Mars' youngest lake near the Martian equator and is seen by scientists to be the best possible indicator of life on the planet.
NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers A World Orbiting Two Stars

NASA press conference live stream – Scientists to reveal Kepler Space Telescope discoveries; did they find another Earth?

After orbiting the Milky Way galaxy for over six years, unmanned space Kepler -438b may have found an Earth-like planet capable of sustaining human life.
Asteroid Doomsday

NASA Explains Mystery Object Soaring through Atlanta’s Night Skies

Atlanta residences who were up in the wee hours of the morning on Monday caught a glimpse of a strange fiery object, sailing across the Georgia skies. But NASA says not to worry. It was probably just a piece of space junk, hurtling back to Earth.

Ancient Coffin Found on Mars? Photo Depicts Martian Sarcophagus, Says UFO Researcher

UFO enthusiasts and researchers are making claims over the possibility of life on Mars after a picture of the Martian landscape by the Mars Curiosity Rover showed what looked like an ancient coffin.
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