Perseid Meteor Shower

6 Meteor Showers to Watch Out For

Earlier this year, we've had sightings of the super moon, which will again grace the skies come next month's full moon on August 10. There will also be the more well-known Perseid meteor shower happening next month, peaking from august 11-13. However, these two are not the only celestial events worth waiting for.
Atarctican Make-over

Antarctica Ice Caps' Collapse 'Unstoppable'; Could Make MIllions Homeless

Global warming becomes a reality as reports of Antarctica Ice Caps collapse may leave millions homeless, if they can survive at all.

NASA Calls for 'Global Selfies' to Celebrate Earth Day [Video]

On Tuesday, April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day, and to make this date even more special, NASA has launched a "global selfie" campaign for all humanity to participate in.

Beyoncé is Criticized for Using Audio From the NASA Challenger Mission Where Seven Astronauts Died [Video]

Singer Beyoncé was criticized by NASA for sampling audio from a failed space mission where seven astronauts died for her latest album.
AEXA Children

Mexican Children Win Second Place in NASA Robotics Tournament

Three Mexican students ages 12 to 14 won the second place in the 2013 International Air and Space Program (IASP), an annual tournament organized by NASA.
Cassini Spacecraft Photo of Saturn and Earth

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Takes a Deep-Space Selfie of Earth From Saturn

Call it a deep-space selfie if you will. Recently-released images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show off Saturn in all its glory, including its rings, and for the first time ever, Earth and its moon in the background.
Orbit of Asteroid TV135 (In Blue)

Massive Newly Discovered Asteroid on Possible Trajectory to Collide With Earth in 2032; NASA Issues Reality Check, Says Chances Slim

A massive asteroid made an unsettlingly close approach toward Earth this month and although it sailed by and left our planet unscathed, there's a small chance of a collision the next time it approaches, approximately 19 years from now.
Ghost Cloud

UFO Sightings and “Ghost Cloud” Images Captured By Astronaut Caused By Secret Russian Missile Launch [VIDEO]

The UFO sighting reports and the mysterious pictures caught by astronauts from the International Space Station is not from extraterrestrial objects, but from a secret missile launch in Russia.

B612 Foundation Raise Money For NASA Telescope's New Mission To Find, Map Dangerous Asteroids

A nonprofit group is looking to give Earth early warning before dangerous asteroids from outer space come near the atmosphere.
Kepler 7b

NASA Could Find Breathable Worlds to Colonize Through Cloud-like Planet in Space

New discovery means scientists may now have a place to start when they try to determine what makes up the atmospheres of planets that appear more Earth-like in size and composition--something that may lead one day to the discovery of a planet beyond Earth where humans can live

Government Shutdown 2013: On its 55th Birthday, NASA Furloughs Curiosity, Other Missions

NASA is mostly getting an unpaid vacation this week, as the federal government shutdown has resulted in the space agency's shuttering - except for Mission Control in Houston, which is keeping the astronauts in orbit afloat. The shutdown is an unpleasant birthday gift on the 55th anniversary of NASA's first operational status, on October 1, 1958.
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.45.23 PM.png

NASA to Launch 3D Printer to Space in 2014, After Several Tests on the "Vomit Comet" [Video]

3D printing is on its way towards revolutionizing the production of physical goods here on Earth, so why not test it out in space as well? That's the thinking behind NASA's partnership with Made in Space, which is planning on launching the first 3D printer to space in 2014.
Photo Of Water On Mars

Mars Curiosity Digs Up Water In the Soil - Along With a Chemical Toxic to Human Life

NASA has found water in the soil on the surface of Mars in the first scoop of soil analyzed by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover. The exciting results were published in the journal Science on Thursday.

NASA Creates Official Instagram Account for Sharing Pictures and Videos

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched its official account on the social network Instagram, where it will share pictures and videos related to its missions, experiments and space, aeronautics and astrophysics projects.
NASA Deep Space Comet Impact Mission

NASA Deep Impact Comet Mission Gets Axed After No Communication With Probe

It's a space engineer's worst nightmare — losing contact with your spacecraft — and it looks like it just happened to NASA. The government space agency has officially put an end to its Deep Impact mission after losing contact with the space probe in August.
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