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Conservative Hispanic Groups Plan 'Unprecedented Meeting' Against Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

Conservative Hispanics have had it with Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Subsequently, some of the top Hispanic organizations in the country are planning an "unprecedented meeting" to decide what role they will play in keeping these candidates out of the Oval Office.
Pablo Pantoja

Former Republican Hispanic Outreach Director Pablo Pantoja Leaves Party for Democrats

The former Latino outreach director for the Republican Party in Florida switched his party allegiance to Democrat, citing his former party’s troubles with minorities.
Senator John Cornyn (R), Senator Ted Cruz (C) and Congressman Roger Williams (L) talks to reporters

Immigration Reform News 2013: Failure of Reform Bill Could Flip Texas for Democrats

The longer the Senate takes to pass the bipartisan immigration reform bill, the less likely it will make it past the more conservative House of Representatives. And while it’s too early to know whether all this effort will ultimately succeed, the consequences for failure will be devastating –- for the Republicans.
Mexico U.S. Civil rights

Mexican Newspaper's Claim that 'Latinos in U.S. Have No Civil Rights' Draws Criticism

According to one of Mexico's most influential newspapers, Latinos in the United States have no civil rights whatsoever.
gop republican logo

2012 Swing States Say Republicans Don't Understand Latinos; Values and Concerns Are Not 'Respected,' Says Surveys

If Republicans weren't convinced that they were doing poorly among Latinos before, a new survey from two conservative groups released this week reaffirms it.
Latino voters fiscal cliff

Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike on Wealthy Favored By Latinos; Latino Republicans Favor Spending Cuts, According to Survey

A new poll shows that more and more Latinos are in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy as a way to avoid the looming fiscal cliff.
Marco Rubio

Immigration Reform 2012: Marco Rubio, Conservative Proponents for Immigration Weigh in on Chances of Reform Happening

Barely a month after GOP candidate Mitt Romney was dealt a stinging defeat in the race for the presidency, signs are beginning to show that more Republicans are taking immigration reform as a more serious priority.
latinos democrats

Center for Immigration Studies: Latinos Favor Democrats Over Republicans, Yet Share Traits Similar to Republicans

If the Republicans-still reeling from their defeat at the polls in November-are attempting to court more Latinos into their support column, the latest survey from the U.S. Census Bureau spells bad news for those hopes.
latino voters to increase in 2030

Latino Vote Doubles in 2030: As Many as 40 Million Hispanic Voters Could be Eligible to Vote in 18 Years

As many as 40 million Hispanic voters could be eligible to vote in 18 years
Latino voting role in immigration reform

2012 Election Results: Latinos' Role on Election Day Driven by Immigration Reform; Will Washington Reform Policies After Record Turnout?

Record surge in Hispanic vote could force Washington's hand in passing comprehensive immigration reform
Latino Voters and Swing States

Swing States 2012: Record Latino Turnout on Election Day Could Swing Florida, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado for President Obama

High Hispanic voting turnout could give Obama Florida, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado.
Latino Voters

219,000 Latinos Nationwide May Not Be Able To Vote on Nov. 6, 2012: Report

New report points finger at tougher voting laws in Florida, other key states as culprit
Latest Swing State Polls: Obama, Romney Scramble for Florida Latino Voters as Final Debate Draws Closer

Latest Swing State Polls: Obama, Romney Scramble for Florida Latino Voters as Final Debate Draws Closer

Two polls show Presidential race tight in both swing states leading into Monday's final Presidential Debate

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