Warner Bros. Pictures Panel And Presentation - Comic-Con International 2014

New 'Batman V Superman' Trailer Features Lex Luthor And Doomsday?

The new "Batman v Superman" trailer is said to be showcased on San Diego Comic Con 2015 and if reports and rumors are to be believed, fans can see Lex Luthor and Doomsday to be part of the new trailer.
Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

'Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice' to Feature More Villains? [Rumors]

There will be plenty of superheroes in "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice," but latest rumors indicate that the movie will also have its fair share of major supervillains.
Asteroid 2012 DA14

Asteroid 2012 DA14: NASA Explains How It's Not A Threat At All (Video)

An asteroid, approximately 150-feet in diameter, according to NASA, is expected to make a flyby so close to our planet Earth that the asteroid will actually be between some of our satellites and planet. Despite the apparent hysteria that follows such a cosmic phenomenon, NASA has explicitly stated that there is no chance of a collision with our planet.

Doomsday Asteroid Apophis Passes By; Found To Be Larger And Less Reflective Than Thought

The potentially-dangerous asteroid Apophis is currently passing by Earth, allowing scientists to study it further.
People perform a ritual in front of the pyramid of Kukulkan at the archaeological site of Chichen Itza in Yucatan State, December 21, 2012.

Mayan Calendar 2012 Aftermath: Doomsday for Some; 8 Things That Won't Make It to 2013

In some ways, 2012 really was the End of Days. Here's a look back at eight things we lost.
A visitor looks at a robot figure from the movie 'the Terminator', inside the house where Austrian actor, former champion bodybuilder and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was born

Mayan Calendar 2012: Eight 'End of Days' Films to Celebrate the Doomsday Apocalypse That Wasn't

Celebrate dodging the end of days with these eight great end-of-the-world movies.
Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 2012 Buried Under Doomsday, But Offers A New Start

Winter Solstice 2012 also played host to 'The End of the World.'
People view various newspaper front pages showing President Barack Obama's victory over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on display at the Newseum in Washington November 7, 2012

Mayan Calendar 2012 Aftermath: No Apocalypse, But the 'End of Days' for Some Things

For some things, 2012 really was the End of Days. Here’s a look back at what we lost.
Uritorco Hill

December 21, 2012 'Doomsday': Argentina Forced to Close Uritorco Hill After Threats of Mass Suicide Appear On Social Media

Argentinian officials in Cordoba were forced to close down a private mountain after a mass suicide doomsday event was posted on Facebook.
A tourist looks at Mayan calendars as part of the archaeological exhibition

Mayan Calendar 2012: Date of Mayan Apocalypse Arrives in Australia, Pacific Islands; Does Doomsday Account for Time Zones?

If the predictions about the Mayan apocalypse on Dec. 21 are true, they have not materialized in parts of the world where it’s already the 21st of the month.
Mayan figurine

December 21, 2012 'Doomsday': Indian Astrologers Share Positive Predictions For The Impending Apocalypse on Friday

Unlike the rest of the world it appears that Indian astrologers are none too worried about the so-called doomsday coming up on Friday.

Mayan Calendar- End of the World: Star Wars Ignites A New Hope on Doomsday

To some, the long-deserted Mayan city of Tikal is an omen of the coming apocalypse, but for others it is a beacon of A New Hope.
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

December 21, 2012 'Doomsday': Six Apocalyptic Prophecies That Never Came to Be

With just days days left before the supposed Mayan calendar-predicted doomsday on Friday, Latinos Post looks at 6 prophecies that never panned out.
Doomsday 2012

December 21, 2012 'Doomsday': Chinese Government Cracks Down on 'Almighty God' Cult; Attack on 23 Children Being Blamed on Doomsday Anxiety?

As December 21, 2012 approaches, the idea of the rumored "Doomsday" has affected different regions of the world in various ways. China has seemingly been affected in a negative way with the rumors causing anxiety and violence in the country.
Mayan Dresden Codex

December 21, 2012 'Doomsday': U.S. Hotel and Restaurant Marketers Promote Mayan Apocalypse Specials

Restaurant chains and hotels throughout the country have begun promoting "end-of-the-world" specials in time for the supposed apocalypse on December 21.

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