Arizona Immigration

Judge Orders Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office to Be Monitored to Prevent Racial Profiling Against Latinos

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered the appointment of an independent monitor and a community advisory board to ensure that controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is not engaging in racial profiling tactics.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Denied Access to National Hispanic Women's Conference in Phoenix

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was not one of the hundreds of people who attended the National Hispanic Women's Conference in Phoenix, Arizona last week.

In Strawberry Fields, Immigration Reform Holds Sweet Promise

California farm worker Antonia Espinoza would likely be throwing in the towel and heading back to her native Mexico to see her children, if not for the work of eight U.S. senators in Washington.

Immigration Reform News 2013: As Obama Drug Chief Calls Immigration Reform A Priority, More Conservative Groups Back Efforts

With critics citing security along the border as one of the key things needed to be fixed before Washington can pass comprehensive immigration reform laws, the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy said Thursday that border security is a priority.

IMMIGRATION REFORM 2013: Obama Reaches Out to Republicans As John McCain, Arizona Pols Field Questions From Angry Residents On Border Security

Days after President Obama's leaked plan regarding immigration reform was leaked in the press, Obama has reached out to prominent Republicans on his proposal.

Tucson Immigration Arrests Lead to Protest Over Arizona Law

Controversy over Arizona's immigration laws sparked protests in Tucson yesterday after an immigration rights activist and a father of six were detained by authorities citing immigration violations.

Arizona Immigration Activist Whose Family Was Detained By ICE Joins Congresswoman's Staff

Days after her family was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in Arizona, a prominent young Arizona immigration activist has joined a newly elected Arizona Congresswoman's office.

Immigration News 2013: Agents Arrest Mother of Immigration Activist in Overnight Home Raid

The arrest of a well-known immigration activist's mother during a nighttime raid in Arizona has drawn attention and a huge outpouring of supporters calling for her release.

Joe Arpaio, "America's Toughest Sherriff" Recruits Thousands of Armed Volunteer Posse to Patrol Schools

Nearly 3,000 armed volunteers will be patrolling outside of roughly 60 Arizona schools after Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave them the go-ahead this week.

New Immigration Law in Kansas? State to Consider Adopting Arizona Immigration Law

A new law modeled after Arizona's controversial S.B. 1070 law could have a direct impact on Kansas immigrants if legislators in the Sunflower State decide to pass it.

Mexican Newspaper's Claim that 'Latinos in U.S. Have No Civil Rights' Draws Criticism

According to one of Mexico's most influential newspapers, Latinos in the United States have no civil rights whatsoever.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Sued Over Denying Driver's Licenses To Deferred Action Participants

A coalition of immigrant rights advocated filed a lawsuit against the Arizona governor, stating that her order is unconstitutional.

More Families Returning to Mexico Over U.S. Immigration Laws, According to Report

Pew Hispanic Data shows more Mexicans in U.S. returning to Mexico over five-year span

Supreme Court to Hear Arizona's Voter Registration Case

Hearing not scheduled until after Nov. 6 election; overturning rule would be unfair, civil groups say

Judge Upholds Arizona "Show Me Your Papers" Provision for SB1070; Move Soon to Be Challenged By the Hispanic Community

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton upheld the controversial provision on Tuesday.
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