Oldest Apes and Monkeys

25-Million-Year-Old Fossils Help Explain Why Apes and Monkeys Parted Ways

Scientists have unearthed two ancient fossils that could better help explain how the split between apes and monkeys occurred. The discoveries, dating back 25 million years ago, are the oldest of their kind.
Ancient Ossicles

Ancient Human Ear Bones Shed Light On Our Evolution

A look at two-million-year old early homonin ear bones from South Africa revealed some interesting qualities that have researchers from Binghamton University and Texas A&M saying ear bones could be a vital clue in our evolutionary history.
Australopithecus sediba

Meet Sediba, the 2-Million Year-Old Pigeon-Toed Human Ancestor Who Could Climb and Walk [Video]

Scientists have uncovered yet another link in the human evolutionary tree: a 2-million year-old ancestor with a mixture of humanoid and apelike qualities that allowed it to climb trees as well as travel large distances on foot.
Neanderthal Genome

Most Accurate Neanderthal Genome Sequence Released For Free Online

We may make fun of them as less-evolved, but Neanderthals are an important link in human evolution. In an effort to understand them better, scientists have just completed and released the first in-depth sequencing of a Neanderthal genome.

EDAR Gene Mutation From East Asia Gives Some Of Us Thicker Hair And More Sweat Glands

While many among our seven billion choose to bicker and argue about tiny differences between one fellow human being and another, the fact remains that we are the same species, and are, in fact, more like each other than anything else on this planet. Enter a new study from Harvard scientists, who have determined that a single gene mutation out of China is responsible for thick hair and a different set up of teeth.

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