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Ninja Theory's "DmC:Devil May Cry" reboot has been poorly received by many fans since it was it announced. There have been attacks on its protagonist, its box art and even a conservative sex scene which may caused many fans to get a somewhat negative impression from the new direction of the franchise. However, that might all change on Jan. 15 when the game finally launches as the first reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

The first review released was by Swedish Magazine LEVEL which awarded the game a 9/10. The publication noted that the title's story was more serious and that the combat and gameplay were "well integrated." Gamespur's translation of the review says that "The controls in DmC isn't as good as in the previous DMC-games - it's much better. It has also been mentioned that DmC veterans will feel at home and there's a high level of skill required to unleash chain combos."

Two other reviews were launched after LEVEL's. Xbox Magazine UK also gave the title a 9/10 while Gamesmaster UK gave the game an 89/100. Gamemaster noted that the game is "bold, brutal and utterly brilliant re-imagining of the series that practically defined the hack-'n'-slash genre." The magazine praised the choice to move the setting of the franchise from its original gothic world to a modern one. The combat was well-received, but boss battles were one major turnoff for the publication. "DmC falls flat when it comes to boss battles that are at total odds with the forward thinking design of the rest of the game."

Ultimately Gamemaster asserts that the title is "a visual feat, and a brave move in a new direction for the series."

The game comes out for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on Jan. 15 and for the PC ten days later.

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