Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Politwoops Back on Twitter?! Get to See Politicians' Deleted Tweets Again!

Politwoops is back on Twitter after reaching an agreement with the social media network which banned it four months ago.
Google Maps

This Is How Google Maps Gets Pictures of a Desert Island [Video]

The footage of this island was captured by using Google Trekker, a backpack device that is able to record in a 360° mode.

Photographer Uses 360° Camera to Take Selfies All Over the World [Video]

Photographer Alex Chacón, also known as the “Selfie Photographer”, shared a clip where he features his best pictures and videos captured around the world using a 360° Camera.

Check Out This Man Who Treats Lions as If They Were Cats [Video]

The GoPro team along with Kevin Richardson, who is known for his fight to preserve animal species in Africa, captured footage never seen before with lions.

NOD Ring, New Trend in Technology [VIDEO]

Now, the trend is a new ring called NOD, which has the ability to control everything just by moving your finger.
Nissan NOTE

Nissan Develops First ‘Self-Cleaning’ Car [Video]

Nissan thought about its costumers and developed the Nissan NOTE, the first ‘self-cleaning’ car, one of the most anticipated vehicles.

Fireworks Captured by Drones, Phantom and GoPro Cameras [Video]

This time, the YouTube channel GasperEdits created an even more incredible fireworks show using drones and GoPro cameras to capture exclusive footage when the fireworks were released.
Virtual Reality

Cancer Victim Sees Her Dream Comes True Thanks to a Virtual Reality Headset [Video]

A woman from Seattle gave her grandmother, who suffers from an advanced cancer, the chance to get out and make her last wish come true thanks to the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

Homeless Man Shares His Life With a GoPro Camera [Video]

The video shows Adam’s life, a homeless man that has been living on the streets of San Francisco for six years. Thanks to the GoPro camera that he was carrying with him, we are able to see how homeless people are rejected on a daily basis.

Watch a Football Game Through a Helmet Cam [VIDEO]

University of Miami linebacker Denzel Perryman shared on social networks a Miami Hurricanes spirng game earlier this week and the results were glorious.

Did NSA Use Heartbleed Bug to Access China's Websites?

The infamous malware, Heartbleed, was claimed to be taken advantage of by the U.S. National Security Administration (NSA) in the midst of a public and political outcry over the federal agency's surveillance programs.
Go Pro 360

Take A Look at a 360° Bicycle Trip Video

German photographer Jonas Ginter got together six GoPro cameras to create a 360° effect getting an incredible view of a bicycle trip, which is so special that makes you think you’re traveling around the world.

Best April Fools Day Prank Ever: Google Posts Job Ad for 'Advanced Pokémon Trainer' [See Video]

Google software engineer Tatsuo Nomura, who proclaimed himself to be an "Advanced Pokémon Trainer," wrote a job advertisement on a company blog post calling all individuals who could aid the search engine company to catch all wild Pokémon who have taken the streets, forests and mountains throughout Google Maps.

Getty Images for Free? Photo Site to Allow Online Use of their Photos Without Subscription

Getty Images will now be making 35 million images available to online publishers, particularly bloggers and tweeters, for free.
'Flappy Bird'

Flappy Bird Game Clones Contain Malware that May Result in High Phone Bills

A report by the Sydney Morning Herald said security firms and experts had cautioned game addicts about downloading the "Flappy Bird" clones.

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