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Laura Bozzo (Photo : Twitter/laurabozzo)

Talk show host Laura Bozzo trashed CNN Español host Carmen Aristegui after the respected journalist said Bozzo staged a show by venturing into the state of Guerrero to help out victims of the storm that hit the area last week, Latin Times reported. "Today I have been attacked personally by very repugnant means by someone who says is a journalist, Carmen Aristegui," said Bozzo on her popular Televisa's show "Laura." "Journalist, lady, one who listens to both sides and doesn't like as you are accustomed to daily," she added.

"That I asked for helicopters from the State of Mexico to have fun and stage a show or a circus? You are a liar because I went to help, to rescue people, to take food to communities where nobody had gone, I summed myself to the rescue group because I have been a rescue worker all my life and I have worked with 'Los Topos' in Peru, Chile and many other places," Bozzo said, according to a translation published by Latin Times.

"My film crew arrived in rafts, walking and in cars without any type of help. That I staged a show? That I made a circus? You Carmen Aristegui the expert in circus. Do you remember Zongólica where you said that an old lady was raped by the army and made a big show as you do every day, those are circus events not the ones I make," she continued.

"Do you know what the difference between you and I? Is that I get myself in the mud, that I risk my life for this country that is mine, because I feel more Mexican than anybody, I love this country, I owe them my life and I would give my life for this country. You in your desk," said Bozzo.

"Let's talk about what the country wants, let's leave the lies behind, come I will invite you. Something better, let's go to Coyuca de Benítez, publiclly I challenge you and let's see who will the public recognize, who do the people like, who is a symbol of hope for these people. You Carmen Aristegui or this modest server? Or another place, let's go to where you want, I will not allow that you lie because these circus shows are staged by you daily on your show. I will not allow that you insult me and I will prove it to you because I have the footage the tons of boxes that we brought," the Peruvian TV host defended herself.

"There you have for analysis, discussion, the public exposition in this particular case, of a communication model, that Televisa has bet on. She is a figure that in her country had relevance, involved in very serious political scandals. She leaves, she comes to Mexico and establishes a group of things that involved a model of communication that today is grafted in Mexico in this form. In this case we highlight the usage of public resources, that is very severe, but in the middle of a national emergency it is unheard of to use helicopters to use for a teledrama that is staged in the national tragedy and the services of television," she said at the end of Aristegui's exposition of Laura's staged show.

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