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Grand Theft Auto 5 is promising to be one of the biggest games of the year for a variety of reasons. The open-world game from Rockstar will allow players to explore a wide variety of environments and partake in various missions and other activities throughout. One of the focal points of Rockstar's many screenshots  of the game is the range of vehicles that players will be able to use, and today we highlight the Top 5 vehicles to look forward to for Grand Theft Auto 5.

5. Sports/Muscle Cars- There are very few junkers and low quality vehicles seen in Grand Theft Auto 5, and for the most part it seems players will get a steady diet of convertibles and other slick cars to race around Los Santos. It is always fun for players to race around busy city streets in high powered cars no matter what the game is, but the sheer amount of flashy cars seen so far for Grand Theft Auto 5 has set a new bar for the series.

4. Military Airplanes- Several shots are seen with military jets prominently shown, so unless Grand Theft Auto 5 calls in the military when players steal an airplane, it looks as though military craft will be available for use. It remains to be seen if the jets are weaponized, and if players will be able to bomb Los Santos from the sky and fly off at supersonic speeds, but either way it showed be fun.

3. Deep Sea Submersibles- One screenshot featured a personal submersible along with scuba gear, which means that players will be able to explore the ocean floor off of the Los Santos shore. The ocean would be a great place for Rockstar to hide secrets and easter eggs for the game, so this submersible would be a great exploration tool for players.

2.Yachts- One character in the game, Michael, is frequently seen in his mansion, and recently a screenshot showed a personal yacht  in use by the player. Maybe players will be able to buy their own massive boats for use in the game, or Michael will already have one for use. Hopefully players will get the chance to pilot the boats and go crashing about the harbor and cause huge amounts of chaos on the high seas.

1. Helicopters- Rockstar has shown several different helicopters in use, including a military-style helicopter (perhaps there is an army base somewhere near the city). Helicopters offer much more mobility than airplanes, and will offer quick transportation between Los Santos areas. Plus, helicopters offer a lot of options for players looking to just let loose and cause some massive property damage in the city.

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