By Lou Aguila ( | First Posted: Jul 26, 2013 12:25 PM EDT

Floyd Mayweather Jr (Photo : Reuters)

No matter how successful the Floyd Mayweather Jr-Canelo Alvarez showdown will turn out to be on September 14, Hall of Fame Trainer Freddie Roach still thinks the biggest fight out there will always be the battle between Mayweather and Manny 'The Pacman' Pacquiao.

Roach, the five-time Trainer of the Year winner and former mentor of some of the greatest fighters in history (Mike Tyson, James Toney, Bernard Hopkins and Pacquiao), really believes the long overdue Mayweather-Pacquiao rumble will always be boxing's biggest fight yet to happen.

In an interview with 'On the Ropes Boxing Radio,' Roach admits he still wants to see Pacquiao slugging it out against Mayweather Jr. for the title as the best fighter in their era.

"Well I still want the biggest fight in the world, I want Mayweather to step up and fight Manny Pacquiao, he said Pacquiao is washed up, get in the ring and we will see!" said Roach, who's scheduled to train the Filipino fighter in his upcoming bout with California's Brandon 'Bam Bam' Rios in Macau, China on November 24 (Nov. 23 in the United States).

Pacquiao and Mayweather engaged in several negotiations a couple of years ago, but those talks collapsed because of Mayweather's demand to have Pacquiao undergo Olympic-style drug testing. Mayweather, a Grand Rapids native, also wanted a bigger share of the fight purse and PPV revenue, making it impossible for the Filipino fighter to accept his terms.

Pacquiao's two straight setbacks at the hands of Tim Bradley (split decision) and Juan Manuel Marquez (6th round TKO) have apparently put an end to the possible super-fight, only for the scenario to be re-energized by another round of verbal battle between both camps recently.

When asked who would win in the fight between Mayweather and Alvarez, Roach confidently answered Mayweather in a unanimous decision but 'boring' victory over his Mexican challenger.

"It's definitely not a fight. It will be a very good boxing match and I feel Floyd is too slick for Canelo and I think he'll win a decision. But the thing is, when Floyd boxes well, like he did in his last fight, it's a little bit boring at times," Roach added.

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