Dirtiest & Most Polluted Cities in the World: Who Tops the List?

What's the first country that came to your mind when you saw this headline?

Lunar New Year 2014: Chinese New Year Predictions for Good Luck

Say hello to the Year of the Horse! Are you starting the Lunar New Year at a full gallop or are you still toeing the line that divides you from your dreams?
Atlantis Island

Atlantis Found? Ancient Ruins in Baltic Sea Could Be Lost City

Although many historians and researchers have offered conjectures on where the island may be, the exact site of the legendary is Atlantis remain unknown. However, a recent discovery may very well change that.

Safest Airlines in the World 2014: See List Here

According to Air Traffic Management, 2013 was the “safest year in commercial aviation.”
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Frozen? See Incredible Photos Here

Niagara Falls partially frozen, as it does every year.

Mars One Project & Mission News Update: Shortlisted Applicants for One-Way Trip To Red Planet Revealed

So who are these brave, adventurous, pioneering, and possibly outrageous individuals who could be representing our race in the vastness of space? The backgrounds of the shortlisted applicants range from astronomers, to high school teachers, to cab drivers.

Winter Storm & Weather Watch Update 2014: 5 Ways on How to Survive the Winter Freeze

Considering the changes in the climate in the past few years and the possibility that it's triggered by global warming,a freezing spell such as this can happen again. And you should know what to do when it does, like now.
Polar Vortex

Winter Storm Watch, News Update & Forecast: Record Temperatures Freeze Midwest America Killing 9

New records for low temperatures were set as a deadly blast of actic air covered the eastern part of the United States.

Ice Hotel Booking, Price & Reservation: Unique Hotel in Canada Opens Seasonal Accommodations to Guests

Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has called it one of the world's “hottest cool places.”

Best Spas & Resorts 2014: Relaxing Retreats and Wellness Destinations to Visit This Year

Did you make a wellness resolution this year? Your next step then is to hunt for opportunities to exercise your resolve to reduce stress and be healthier this year.
The Paper Factory Hotel

Hotel Openings 2014: New Hotels and Resorts to Watch Out For this Year

We've already talked about dream destinations for 2014. This time, we'll be talking about accommodations – particularly the most exciting ones opening this year.
Delta Air

Delta Air Cheap Fare Glitch: Airline Honors Tickets Sold by Mistake Last Thursday

For about two hours on Boxing Day, from 10 a.m. to noon, Delta Air Lines Inc. sold tickets for low prices on their official website and other airfare booking sites. Consumers went on a travel frenzy; however, prices were showing up incorrectly when a computer glitch offered the savvy deals.

Top 10 Dream Destinations for 2014: Best Places to Visit for Vacation & Beaches!

Got an incurable wanderlust? Not to worry – the world is your playground and, with its many isles and hidden natural, cultural, and geographical treasures, it's impossible to run out of destinations to conquer.
Snowy Day

Christmas Day Weather Forecast 2013: Winter Storms & Rainy Days May to Affect Several States

“In the world of meteorological statistics, a white Christmas is defined as having at least one inch of snow on the ground on Christmas morning,” noted The Weather Channel.

Whale carcass explodes in front of biologist in Faroe Islands [Video]

An impressive video that caught the moment in which a marine biologist at the Faroe Islands attempts to cut open the stomach of a dead whale to inspect it has gone viral, with over 100,000 views on YouTube.

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